What is the purpose of the suspension bushing?

Suspension bushings (also known as shock absorber bushings) are mounted on your car’s suspension and steering joints, allowing your car to drive more smoothly. They absorb bumps in the road, decrease noise and reduce vibration.

Suspension bushings are usually made out of rubber or polyurethane. They cover suspension components, limiting movement and decreasing vibrations. Over time, suspension bushings can become worn and cracked, meaning they will need to be replaced.

Symptoms of cracked suspension bushings

There are several common symptoms of worn or cracked suspension bushings. These include:

  • Vibrating or clunking noises while driving
  • Looser steering
  • Shaking in the front of the vehicle
  • Poor vehicle handling performance

Sometimes, faults that the driver has attributed to another suspension component are actually caused by the suspension bushings. When the bushings fail, other suspension components may start functioning abnormally. Worn bushings can cause other components to deteriorate at a quicker rate. For this reason, replacing the bushings is considered preventative maintenance, as it will save you money on more costly repairs that may be needed if the bushings are neglected.

Is it safe to drive with damaged suspension bushings?

Although you can still drive your car with damaged suspension bushings, it can be dangerous, especially at higher speeds. Turning becomes more difficult and there may be shaking, leading to an uncomfortable riding experience. We recommend that you get your suspension bushings replaced when possible to keep yourself and your passengers safe. If you have to drive, take things slow and be cautious when making sharp turns, slowing down to low speeds where possible.

Why replace your suspension bushings?

Damaged or cracked bushings can affect your car’s steering, making it difficult to turn correctly at higher speeds. This can create a safety hazard. Worn bushings can also make your car shake, making the vehicle less comfortable and dangerous to drive.

Problems with your car’s suspension system may lead to it failing its next Warrant of Fitness. If you have failed your WOF due to suspension bushings, you will need to get them replaced before you can legally drive again.

Suspension / Shock Absorber Bushing Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can easily replace your vehicle’s suspension bushings for you. This will reduce shaking and allow your vehicle to drive more smoothly.

Whether you’ve failed your WOF for suspension problems or simply wish for us to inspect your suspension system, our team of skilled mechanics are happy to help. For reliable, honest mechanics in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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