Grimmer Motors offers an extensive range of car services to keep your car running at peak performance. One service we offer is regular oil checks to ensure your motor runs smoothly. When we carry out oil checks and oil changes, we can add special additives to your oil to boost your car’s performance.

Why Use Motor Oil Additives?

There are several different oil additives we can add to help improve the performance of your motor. Here are some of the most common types of motor oil additives and how they can help:

Reduce excess exhaust smoke

If excess smoke is coming out of our exhaust, it could be because your motor is starting to wear. To help reduce the level of smoke we can add what is known as a “stop smoke additive” to your oil. This is particularly useful if your car is about to go through a Warrant of Fitness – WOF inspection as excess smoke coming from the exhaust can stop your car from passing the inspection.

Reduce wear and tear

To help reduce motor noises from developing and to prevent harsh wear and tear from occurring we can add friction modifying additives that help to reduce the scraping of parts. This can help to improve the life of your engine and reduce the chances of expensive repairs being required.

Prevent corrosion

Your motor oil can become oxidised when it has too much exposure to oxygen and this causes it to become thick and “sludgy”. This makes the oil ineffective as it stops lubricating your engine parts and causes corrosion to occur. To stop this from happening we can add an antioxidation oil additive to your oil.

Keeps your oil clean

Detergent oil additives keep your oil clean by removing impurities. Ensuring you have clean oil means it will not become sludgy and prevents rust from occurring. Dispersants can also be added and work alongside detergents to help prevent impurities from coating the metal parts in your motor.

Keeps your oil the correct texture

Your motor runs at different temperature levels due to various factors. When the engine is hotter it can make the oil become watery, and when your engine is running at a colder temperature it can impact the fluidity of your oil. When this happens, it can adversely affect the texture of your oil. To stop this from happening we can add viscosity modifiers to your oil.

Ensures your oil has the correct oxygen levels

Your motor oil can sometimes start to foam when your car is running. Air bubbles can develop, and this increases the oxygen in your oil which reduces lubrication and can cause corrosion. To stop this from happening we can add anti-foamants which will allow the bubbles to pop more easily and protect your car from the adverse effects of foaming.

Motor Oil Additives in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we perform standard oil and filter changes as well as a range of premium vehicle services. If you would like the benefits that motor additives can give your car’s motor, the friendly team at Grimmer Motors can help you out.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, affordable, and professional service you can trust. Book your car in today for a service and the team will help you with all your motor oil additives needs!

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