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    Warrant of Fitness Discounts


    Save Money on your Warrant of Fitness Work

    On average, over 50% of cars will fail their Warrant of Fitness. This results in drivers having to pay to get their cars to be road-legal again and pass. At Grimmer Motors and VTNZ, we understand how stressful this process can be and we want to take some of the pressure off you. 

    When you take your car or trailer to VTNZ for a Warrant of Fitness, you will receive a voucher for up to $50 (incl GST) worth of FREE WOF labour repair work at Grimmer Motors. This will help with the labour to repair any problems that are preventing your vehicle from passing its Warrant of Fitness.


    Benefits of getting a VTNZ Warrant of Fitness:

    When you get your Warrant of Fitness through VTNZ, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

    • VTNZ provides an independent, accurate Warrant of Fitness examination from a professional testing station.
    • You’re welcome to come in for a coffee, tea or water and read a magazine. Kids are welcome too.
    • VTNZ lets you wait for your vehicle to get its WOF, or you can come back later.

    VTNZ Locations in Hamilton:




    Does Grimmer Motors still offer Warrant of Fitness Testing?

    Although we still offer Warrant of Fitness testing, we have limited capacity for Warrant of Fitnesses, meaning we will be limiting the amount we can do. Our mechanics are experts on repair work, whereas VTNZ are experts on Warrant of Fitness certification. This means that when you go through VTNZ for your WOF and Grimmer Motors for your repair work, you are receiving the best treatment for your car, as well as a large discount on your WOF work. 



    Get your WOF done at VTNZ Frankton, Pukete or Te Rapa and get up to $50 FREE labour towards any WOF repairs at Grimmer Motors.

    Upon completion of your Warrant of Fitness inspection, you will receive a voucher for Grimmer Motors. This voucher covers half an hour of WOF-related labour and it can be redeemed immediately afterwards.


    VTNZ - Frankton

    VTNZ - Pukete