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    Car Oil Cooler – Repair & Repacement

    What is the oil cooler? The oil cooler is a smaller radiator found next to the engine cooling system radiator....


    Fuel Injectors Hamilton – Repair & Replacement

    What do the fuel injectors do? Fuel injectors are found in all diesel vehicles and most modern petrol vehicles. Each...


    Power Steering Pump Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

    What does the power steering pump do? Most modern cars have power steering systems. Most power steering systems currenyly use...


    Steering Rack Repair & Replacement

    What does the steering rack do? The steering rack looks like a long metal tube that is located near the...


    Child Safety Seat Restraints Hamilton

    About child safety seat restrains Under New Zealand law, any child under 7 years old must use an appropriate safety...


    Car Seatbelt Repairs in Hamilton

    How do modern seat belts work? Seatbelts (or safety belts) have always been a vital component in vehicles safety systems....


    Universal Joint (U-Joint) – Repair & Replacement

    What does the Universal Joint (U Joint) do? The universal joint (or U joint) is a component found in rear-wheel...


    Fuel Door/Petrol Flap won’t Open – Inspection & Repair

    About fuel door problems: The fuel door is often overlooked until it becomes an inconvenience. A stuck fuel door can...


    Radiator/Coolant Leak Repair

    Why is leaking coolant a serious problem? Coolant is a liquid stored in your vehicle’s coolant tank. When your car’s...


    Clicking Sound when Driving – Inspection & Repair

    What causes a clicking sound while you are driving? When you hear a clicking noise while you are driving, it...

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