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Checking and Replacing Car Fuses

About car fuses: The purpose of a fuse is to protect the wiring in your vehicle. In the event that...


New Car Aerial or Repair Hamilton

About car aerials: The car aerial/antenna is used to provide the driver and passengers with strong radio reception. Most cars...


Headlight/Fog Light Repair & Adjustment in Hamilton

About headlights and fog lights: The front lights on your vehicle are important to your car’s driveability and safety at...


Car Radiator Fan Repair Hamilton

What is the radiator/cooling fan? The radiator houses coolant; a liquid which stops your engine from overheating. The coolant flows...


Power Steering Fluid Flush Hamilton

What does power steering fluid do? Power steering fluid helps your vehicle to turn easily by transmitting hydraulic energy around...


Car Seat Repair Hamilton

Car Seat Repair: Having quality vehicle seating adds to the comfort and safety of your vehicle. In many cases, that...


Car Brake Bleeding Services Hamilton

What is brake bleeding? Brake bleeding is a procedure performed on hydraulic braking systems. The purpose of the procedure is...


Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Servicing in Hamilton

What is a hybrid service? Servicing a hybrid vehicle requires a slightly different approach to servicing traditional petrol and diesel...


Engine Valve Grinding/Lapping

What is a valve grind? The valves in an engine have several functions. First, they must allow the intake of...


Water Coolant Mixed with Oil – Flush & Repair

What happens if the coolant and oil mix? Oil and coolant are the two most important fluids in your engine. The...

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