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Car dome lights Hamilton

New Car Interior Centre Dome Light Bulbs in Hamilton

What is the dome light bulb? The interior centre dome light bulb is often referred to as the interior light or...

New car daytime running lights Hamilton

New Car Daytime Running Lights Module in Hamilton

What are daytime running lights? Daytime running lights (or always-on lights) are a feature found in many late-model cars. They...


New Car Headlight Switch in Hamilton

About headlight switches: As its name suggests, the headlight switch is an electronic switch that controls your car’s headlight functions....


New Car Reverse Lights & Repairs Hamilton

About car reverse lights: When your car’s transmission is put into reverse, two bright car reverse lights will illuminate from...

LED light for trailer

New LED Trailer Lights Hamilton

About trailer tail lights: Just like cars, there are several regulations that need to be addressed in order to have...


Headlight/Fog Light Repair & Adjustment in Hamilton

About headlights and fog lights: The front lights on your vehicle are important to your car’s driveability and safety at...


Indicator Bulb/Lens Replacement

About indicator bulbs and lenses: Your car’s indicators play an important role. They allow you to tell other drivers where...


Faded / Broken Tail Light Repair / Replacement in Hamilton

Why are the tail / parking lights important? When your car’s headlights are turned on, the tail lights (or parking...

indicator light

Indicator / Turn Signal / Hazard Lights – Inspection & Repairs

Why are indicators important?   Indicators / turn signals are very important to your car’s safety. They allow other drivers...


Waikato Police Fining $150 for Non-Working Headlights

Over the next week (18-25 July), Waikato police will be targeting vehicles with broken or malfunctioning headlights. The police aim...

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