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Having a good, correctly-working set of tail lights is vital to your safety, especially when you drive at night. This is because they allow other drivers to clearly see your position on the road in all conditions.

Over time, water and condensation can enter the tail light, leading to reduced visibility and damage to your tail lights. In the short term, condensation can cause fogging of the light. However, larger amounts of condensation can lead to corrosion of the bulb socket, damage to the base of the light, and burning of the bulb itself. When these things happen, a tail light is at risk of failing entirely.

When should your car’s lights be replaced?

Since two fully functioning tail lights are needed to pass a Warrant of Fitness, moisture in the tail lights can lead to a car failing its Warrant of Fitness. The tail lights will then need to be fixed before the car can pass and legally drive in New Zealand roads.

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Causes of moisture in tail lights:

There are several possible causes of moisture buildup in tail lights:

  • Damaged or Cracked Seal: The most common cause of moisture in tail lights is a damaged or cracked seal. Over time, the seal around the tail light assembly can deteriorate due to age, exposure to elements, or accidental impact. This allows moisture to enter the housing and accumulate inside.
  • Improper Installation: If the tail light assembly was not properly installed or sealed during previous maintenance or repair work, it can result in gaps or openings where moisture can enter.
  • Condensation: Temperature and humidity changes can cause condensation to form inside the tail light housing. This typically occurs when there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tail light assembly. Condensation can happen temporarily and may not indicate a permanent issue with the seal.
  • Cracked or Damaged Lens: If the lens covering the tail light assembly is cracked or damaged, it can provide a pathway for moisture to enter. This can happen due to accidents, impacts, or exposure to harsh environmental conditions.


Can moisture in tail lights affect your car’s safety?

Over time, moisture inside the tail light housing can obstruct or diffuse the light emitted from the bulbs. This can reduce the brightness and clarity of the tail lights, making it more difficult for other drivers to see your vehicle from behind. Diminished visibility can increase the risk of rear-end collisions, especially in low-light conditions or during inclement weather.


Car Tail Light Services & Replacement in Hamilton

Are your car’s tail lights cracked, damaged or filled with water droplets? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can clean or replace your tail lights. The result will be safer driving conditions, especially at night and in rainy weather.

It is always best to promptly get your tail lights fixed if you notice cracks or moisture entering. This is because it can save you from more expensive repairs in the future. Cleaning the lens and resealing the tail lights is a lot cheaper than replacing the bulb and wiring.  Regardless of the level of damage, our team are happy to help!

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