Why are high beam lights important?High beam light

Your car’s headlights (or headlamps) are used to improve your vision at night and allow other drivers to see you coming. Almost all headlights will have a high beam mode, which projects a brighter light that travels further. High beam lights are ideal for driving through rural areas, dimly lit roads and roads with a higher speed limit at night. Their advantage is that they allow you to see more from a further distance, improving your car’s safety, especially at high speeds.

Faulty high beams can affect your vision when driving at night. For this reason, it is important to get the light’s bulbs replaced. Additionally, you may fail your Warrant of Fitness if the high beam lights aren’t working correctly, are adjusted incorrectly, or the headlight lens is cloudy and needs cleaning / polishing.

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Causes of high beam lights not working:

  • Blown bulb – A blown bulb is the most common cause of the high beam lights not working in your car. Some cars use a single bulb which can switch between high and low beam, whereas other cars use two different bulbs. Regardless of the type, these bulbs will eventually fail, resulting in the light not illuminating at all.
  • Bad wiring or high beam relay – Problems with the wiring or relay can affect the connection between the high headlights and the battery. This can prevent electricity from reaching the high beam lights and turning them on.
  • Blown fuse – Your car’s lights have fuses which protect the circuits from overloading. A blown fuse will also prevent electricity from reaching the high beam lights. Blown fuses will need to be replaced in order to restore function to the bulbs.
  • Malfunctioning high beam control / switch – The high beam control switch toggles your lights between low/standard and high beam mode. If it is damaged or malfunctioning, the high beams may not work. On most cars, the high beam control is located on a stalk coming from your steering column that also controls the indicators.  However, some cars will have a button or seperate switch that toggles high beams.


Why are my high beams not bright anymore?

  • Dirty or foggy lens: The lens covering the high beam bulbs can become dirty or foggy due to accumulated dirt, grime, or condensation. This can restrict the amount of light emitted, making the high beams appear dim. Cleaning the lens or replacing it if it’s severely damaged can help restore brightness.
  • Electrical problems: Faulty wiring or a malfunctioning electrical system can also affect the brightness of your high beams. A poor electrical connection or a faulty relay can cause a decrease in power supply to the bulbs, resulting in dimmer lights.
  • Alternator or battery issues: If your vehicle’s alternator or battery is not functioning properly, it may not provide sufficient power to the high beam bulbs. Low voltage can result in reduced brightness and flickering.


Reasons my car failed a WOF for high beams:

Below are some of the most reasons high beam lights lead to WOF failures

  • Non-functional high beam bulbs: If the high beam bulbs are not working at all, they will need to be replaced. The WOF inspection requires all lighting components to be in proper working order.
  • Misaligned high beam headlights: The high beam headlights should be properly aligned to ensure they illuminate the road ahead without blinding other drivers. If the headlights are misaligned and not providing adequate light output or are positioned too high, it can result in a failed WOF.
  • Insufficient brightness: High beam bulbs can lose their brightness over time or due to wear and tear. If the high beams are not bright enough, they may not meet the WOF requirements. In this case, replacing the bulbs should resolve the issue.

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