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Engine Diagnostics


High engine RPM while driving- Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

What does RPM mean? RPM stands for revolutions per minute. In vehicles, it describes the number of times the crankshaft...


Smoky Car Exhaust – Inspection & Repair in Hamilton

About smoky exhaust emissions: The exhaust acts as an emissions outlet for your vehicle, with CO2 and other greenhouse gases constantly...

Engine From Side

Causes of Rough Engine Idling

Rough idling means that your vehicle is vibrating, producing unhealthy noises, or displaying an inconsistent RPM while it is stationary...


8 Signs and Symptoms of Engine Damage

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, giving your car the necessary power it needs to operate correctly. When...


Diagnosing Engine Misfires

What is an engine misfire? A misfire occurs when your vehicle’s engine misses a process in its combustion cycle, causing...

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