About the throttle body:

A look inside a dirty throttle body.

The throttle body is an important part of your car’s air intake system. Inside the throttle body is a small plate that opens in response to the accelerator pedal being pressed down. When the plate opens, air is let through the throttle body and into your engine. This allows for the correct amount of air to enter, creating an ideal air/fuel ratio.

The throttle body also plays a role in maintaining the engine’s idle speed by controlling the amount of air that enters the engine when the accelerator pedal is not being depressed. This prevents rough idling from occurring.

Over time, carbon deposits from airborne contaminants, oil, and combustion gases can find their way into the throttle body. This can create blockages which affect your engine’s ability to receive air through the throttle body.

Uneven surfaces inside the throttle body can also disrupt the burning of the air/fuel mixture, resulting in incorrectly burnt fuel leaving your engine.


When to clean the throttle body:

Cleaning of the throttle body is an important but often overlooked maintenance task for any vehicle. The throttle body should be cleaned at least once every 100,000 km in order for it to stay in optimum working condition.

When you get your car serviced, simply ask for an inspection and cleaning of your car’s throttle body. Your mechanic will remove any deposits and build-ups from your throttle body. This will lead to smoother engine performance and better fuel economy.


Symptoms of a dirty throttle body:

When your car’s throttle body is due for a clean, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Reduced engine power and acceleration – When the burning conditions of fuel are not ideal, the engine’s performance will suffer. You may notice that your car stalls or struggles to reach higher speeds.
  • Increased fuel consumption – Incorrect burning conditions can also lead to your car using more fuel. This is because incorrectly burnt fuel is wasted, resulting in more fuel having to be pumped into the engine.
  • Rough idling – A dirty throttle body can cause your car to idle roughly or loudly. At Grimmer Motors, we can diagnose rough idling.
  • Engine warning light – A dirty throttle body will often lead to an incorrect air/fuel ratio. This will often cause the Check Engine light to turn on on your car’s dashboard.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. Ignoring a dirty throttle body can lead to more serious and expensive engine problems. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the throttle body can help prevent these issues and maintain optimal engine performance.



Throttle Body Cleaning & Inspection Services in Hamilton

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At Grimmer Motors, we can inspect and clean your throttle body. This will allow for improved engine performance. We also offer throttle body replacement for situations where irreversible damage has occurred. 

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