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    Engine Diagnostics


    High Engine Oil Pressure Repairs in Hamilton

    What is high car engine oil pressure? Experiencing high oil pressure on a regular basis is a bad sign. Although...


    Car Throttle Body Cleaning & Repairs in Hamilton

    About the throttle body: The throttle body is an important part of your car’s air intake system. Inside the throttle...


    Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve Repair and Cleaning in Hamilton

    What is the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve? The idle air control valve is an important engine component found in...


    New Engine Fuel Pressure Sensor & Diagnostics in Hamilton

    What does the engine fuel pressure sensor do? The fuel pressure sensor is an important part of the fuel system...


    Low Engine Fuel Pressure – Inspection & Repairs in Hamilton

    About low engine fuel pressure: The fuel pump is responsible for sending fuel to your car’s fuel injectors where it enters...


    High Car Fuel Consumption – Diagnosis & Repair in Hamilton

    About fuel consumption: Fuel consumption (or fuel economy / fuel efficiency) is a measurement that depicts how much fuel your...


    Water Coolant Mixed with Oil – Flush & Repair

    What happens if the coolant and oil mix? Oil and coolant are the two most important fluids in your engine. The...


    Car Overheating – Inspection & Repair

    What happens when your car overheats? Overheating happens when the engine reaches higher temperatures (generally above 100 degrees Celsius). This...


    Car Engine Not Cranking or Starting – Inspection & Repair

    Why won’t your car start? Inside your car’s engine is a mixture of air and fuel, supplied to the engine...


    Engine Running Loudly – Inspections, Diagnostics & Repairs

    Why is your engine louder than normal? It is normal for your engine to produce noise. However, a loud engine...

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