About Multiple Misfires:

Correct firing timing is an essential part of an engines fuel efficiency and smooth running. Multiple misfires is the event where there is a misfire in multiple combustion chambers at the same time. Misfires happen when there is an incorrect amount of fuel in each combustion chamber or is if the fuel does not ignite correctly via the spark plugs. This is important because the fuel injection and ignition combustion is what provides the engine with the power to run. If you’re engine is experiencing multiple misfires, it is a serious problem. If you notice your engine misfiring you should get it fixed immediately to ensure your car doesn’t end up unusable, and to prevent the misfires from causing damage to other car parts such as the catalytic convertor.



The most common OBD-II fault code you will get for your engine is code P0300: Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected. There are many causes for the fault code, here are the most important causes to know:

– Worn or Dirty spark plugs: Over time spark plugs can get clogged up with carbon and oil and the electrodes can wear increase the air gap. This means they may struggle to spark correctly or may not spark at all. This means the fuel in the chamber will not ignite correctly due to the contaminated or worn out spark plug. The now un-burnt fuel may ignite partially and cause a multiple misfires if different cylinders have the same issue.

– Fuel injector: A faulty fuel injector may cause this issue. If it is injecting the wrong amounts of fuel at the wrong time it is likely to cause a misfire. This can be caused by a leaking or blocked fuel injector.

– Other Faulty sensors: Other sensors including the camshaft and crankshaft sensors help with engine timing. If these fail or are damaged it could lead to multiple misfires and this P0300 fault code.

– Bad engine timing: If you engine is out of time, it could easily lead to multiple misfires. This could be caused by any of the above causes, or many other components of your engine. For example your cambelt could have jumped one tooth.

– Poor Fuel Quality: If your fuel is contaminated with dirt, or a very low octane, it may not ignite properly or at the right time. If it ignites at the wrong time it may cause multiple misfires.

Other misfire codes including random misfires range from P0301 to P0308.

Learn more about the P0300 fault code


Symptoms of multiple misfires:

– Check Engine Light: If multiple misfires are detected in your engine, the check engine light may turn on or flash.

– Fuel smell: You may smell an unusual fuel smell in the event of a misfire.

– Rough engine shaking: the engine may vibrate at idle and while accelerating

– Unusual sound: if the engine is misfiring on different cylinders randomly, then the engine will make unusual sounds.

Check Engine Light



Multiple Misfire Diagnostics and Repairs in Hamilton:

At Grimmer Motors we offer a range of diagnostic scans and repairs. We specialize in diagnostic scans and repairs and can get it right first time. After reading the fault code our experienced mechanics will be able to diagnose what is causing the multiple misfires and repair it with ease.

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