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Parking Brake Release Cable – Repair & Replacement

What does the parking brake release cable do? The parking brake acts as a secondary braking system which allows your...


Brake Fluid Leaking around Clutch Pedal – Inspection & Repair

Why is clutch fluid leaking around the clutch pedal? In vehicle’s with a manual transmission, brake fluid is also used...


Brake Warning Light On – Inspection & Repair

About the brake warning light: The brake warning light is your car’s way of telling you there is something wrong...


Brake Fluid Leaking Repair

What does brake fluid do? Brake fluid (or hydraulic fluid) is a clear fluid which sits in your brake reservoir....


Brake Safety Checks & Inspections

What is a brake safety inspection? If there’s one part of your vehicle that needs to function correctly, it’s your...


Car Brakes Pulling to One Side – Inspection & Repair

Are your brakes pulling to one side? For optimum road safety, it is important that your brakes function correctly. If...

Car handbrake

Handbrake / Foot Brake Repair & Replacement

What is a parking brake control? Every vehicle has a parking brake control. A parking brake control is a lever...


Brake Pedal Pulsing – Inspection & Repair Hamilton

Why is my brake pedal pulsing? You may notice that when you use your car’s brake pedal, you feel a...


Brake Pedal Hard to Push Down – Inspection & Repairs Hamilton

Why is the brake pedal hard to push? Sometimes the brake pedal can become hard to move, meaning the driver...


Trailer Brake Repairs in Hamilton

How do trailer brakes work? Just like cars, trailers have braking systems that require periodic servicing. Inside a trailer’s braking...

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