What does the vacuum pump do?New brake vacuum pump in Hamilton NZ

The brake booster system enhances the power of your car’s brakes, allowing for improved safety and reduced stopping distance. It utilises the vacuum from the engine air intake to increase brake pressure, allowing your car to come to a stop more quickly.

Some engines cannot provide enough vacuum pressure for the brake booster to function properly. This is where the brake vacuum pump comes in. The brake booster vacuum pump creates additional braking pressure to supplement the air intake. This allows for optimal braking power at all times.


When should the brake booster vacuum pump be replaced?

Sustained operation of the vacuum pump will lead to its eventual failure. This happens due to the levels of pressure that the part is put under and frequent operation of the electric moving components.

Vacuums leaks in the air intake system can put additional strain on the pump. This is because it is constantly working, trying to create a vacuum.

When the pump fails, it should ideally be replaced as soon as possible. Like other brake components, a faulty brake booster pump can increase your car’s stopping distance. This can potentially make your car unsafe to drive, especially when combined with other brake issues (eg. worn brake pads).


Signs and symptoms of a faulty brake booster vacuum pump:

When your brake booster’s pump begins to fail, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Brake pedal harder to push – A reduction of vacuum pressure can lead to increased resistance in your brake pedal. This will often result in the pedal not move much when your foot presses on it.
  • Hissing noises – Hissing noises can be caused by a vacuum leak or other issue in your power braking system. Leaks can sometimes be caused by a defective vacuum pump. If you notice a loud hissing noise when the brake pedal is applied, the vacuum pump may be causing the issue.
  • Increased stopping distance – Without the aid of the vacuum pump, your car’s brakes may take longer to bring your car to a stop. This can affect your safety, especially in situations where you have to suddenly and unexpectedly come to a stop.

Vacuum leak symptoms & causes

Please Note – If you brake booster vacuum pump has faults you may fail a Warrant of Fitness (WOF). You will need to get the brake booster vacuum pump repaired before you can get your WOF.



Brake Booster Vacuum Pump Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car’s power braking system in need of a new vacuum pump? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can fit a brand new vacuum pump into your brake booster system. This will improve the safety of your vehicle and allow your car to stop quickly when it needs to.

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