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    Brake Specialists Hamilton

    What parts of your brakes need servicing? Brake fluid – Brake fluid plays a very important role in your braking system....


    ABS Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Repair in Hamilton

    What is an ABS Computer / ECU? The ABS ECU ( ABS control module or ABS computer) is a small...


    ABS Pump Motor Repair / Replacement in Hamilton

    What does the ABS pump motor do? The anti-lock braking system is a safety mechanism in most vehicles. It allows...


    Proportioning / Combination Valve Repair & Replacement Hamilton

    What does the proportioning valve do? The proportional valve (or combination valve) is an important part of some ABS/braking systems....

    Pull parking brake

    Parking Brake Cable Repair & Replacement

    What does the parking brake cable do? Located underneath your vehicle, the parking brake cable is what connects the handbrake/footbrake...


    Brake Disc Rotor Skimming or Replacement

    What does the brake disc rotor do? The brake disc rotor is a slim metal disc attached to your car’s...


    Parking Brake / Hand Brake Shoe / Pads Replacement

    What does the parking brake shoe / pads do? The parking brake shoe or pad is an important component that...


    Brake Shoe Replacement

    What does the brake shoe do? The brake shoe is a braking component that is only found in vehicles with...


    Brake Fluid Replacement & Flushing

    What is the purpose of a brake fluid flush? Brake fluid is important to your vehicle’s braking system. It transmits...


    Vacuum Brake Booster Repair / Replacement

    What does the brake booster do? The brake booster is a component that enhances the hydraulic effects of a vehicle’s...

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