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Brake Wheel Cylinder Repair & Replacement

What does a brake wheel cylinder do? Brake wheel cylinders are important components in drum braking systems. They are mostly found in...


ABS Relay Repair & Replacement

What does the ABS relay do?   The ABS relay is an important part of the ABS (anti-lock braking) system. It...


Brake Caliper Replacement

What does the brake caliper do? The brake caliper is part of the disc braking system on most vehicles. The...


Brake Drum Replacement

What does the brake drum do? The brake drum a metal cylinder that is usually attached to the rear wheels....


Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

What does the brake master cylinder do? The brake master cylinder holds the brake fluid when it is not being...


Brake Imbalance – Repair and Replacement

What is a brake imbalance? When you are braking, each brake should apply the same amount of force. This allows...

Brake Hose

Brake Hose Replacement

What do brake hoses do? All cars have at least two brake hoses. These hoses are made out of rubber...

Handbrake Lever

Handbrake / Foot Parking Brake Cable Replacement

What does the hand/parking brake cable do? To put things simply, the hand/parking brake cable connects your hand/parking brake to...


ABS Sensor / Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement

What does the ABS System do? Most vehicles from the early 1990’s have an anti-lock braking system (ABS) which controls...

Parking brake from above

Parking Brake Repair – Hand brakes – Foot brakes

The parking brake (or emergency brake) plays the crucial role of keeping your vehicle stationary when it is parked. Over...

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