Why is your car taking longer to stop?

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Improve your stopping distance to prevent accidents from occurring,

If your car is taking longer than normal to stop, chances are there is a problem in its braking system. Brake problems can increase your car’s stopping distance and affect your safety, especially in a situation where you have to quickly come to a stop. For this reason, it is important that your brakes are kept in good condition.

When you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid is used to create hydraulic pressure. This allows the brake pads to press against the rotors, causing the car to slow down. Any problems with this system can lead to increased stopping time.

In New Zealand, brake problems can lead to your car failing its Warrant of Fitness. This means that the problems will need to be fixed before you can legally drive your car again.

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Common causes of brakes not working properly:

Below are some of the most common causes for your car to take longer to stop:

Brake fluid due for a change – Brake fluid is used to create hydraulic pressure, which allows your brakes to work correctly. Over time, brake fluid loses its ability to create hydraulic pressure, resulting in longer stopping times. Brake fluid should be routinely replaced every two years or 50,000 km.
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Brake fluid leaks – Leaks are dangerous because they can starve your brakes of the fluid they require to work. A brake fluid leak can occur in many different places such as the brake hoses, brake fluid reservoir or caliper.

Worn brake pads – In modern braking systems, brake pads are used to create friction by pressing against the brake rotors (or discs). This creates friction, allowing your car to slow down. Brake pads wear over time, reducing friction and increasing stopping distance.
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Stuck brake caliper – If your brakes are taking a longer amount of time to work, it could be because the caliper is stuck or not moving correctly.

Worn or leaking shock absorbers – if your cars shock absorbers are worn or damaged, the wheels of the car may not be able to stay in constant contact with the road surface, meaning your effective brake stopping distance is increased.


Car Brake Diagnostics, Inspection & Servicing in Hamilton

Is your car taking a longer amount of time to stop or slow down? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, our talented mechanics can diagnose and service your car’s braking system. This will allow for improved safety and a shorter stopping distance. We can service and replace all sorts of brake parts such as brake pads, brake fluid, brake discs and more (even your shock absorbers).

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