Are your vehicle’s electric windows not functioning correctly? Our team of car servicing specialists will fix your vehicle’s windows, allowing them to go up and down smoothly.


Common window-related problems:

Broken Car Door Window:

Broken window repair

A broken window can be a security hazard, making your vehicle an easy target to thieves. At Grimmer Motors, we are able to replace the broken glass window in your vehicle.

Broken Car Window Replacement in Hamilton


Window stuck up / down:

Sometimes, a car window can become stuck up or down. This problem can also be caused by a worn window switch or motor. It can also be caused by the glass becoming loose. A stuck window will make it difficult to regulate the interior temperature of your vehicle, as well as leaving your car’s interior vulnerable to weather damage (if it is stuck down).

If your window is stuck down, it will make your vehicle an easier target for thieves. In this case, we suggest that you do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle and have the window repaired as soon as possible.

It can also be really embarrassing and a hassle if the drivers side window won’t go up or down correctly, especially when try to get a ticket for entry and exit of car parks!

Grimmer Motors can quickly diagnose the cause of a stuck window and fix the problem for you. This will make your vehicle secure and comfortable as well as prevent weather damage over time.

Window moving up and down slowly:

If your vehicle’s window(s) struggle to move up and down, it could be the sign of a worn component. There are several components that control your car’s window movement. These include:

  • The window motor.
  • The window regulator.
  • The tracking guides.
  • The fuse and wiring.

Checking and Replacing Car Fuses

If any of these components are worn or malfunctioning, you may experience resistance when moving your car window up and down. This resistance can wear other components, causing more damage. If one of these components completely fails, the window may stop working altogether.

At Grimmer Motors, we can fix this issue before any further damage is caused.

Noises when moving the window up and down:

Your window may make loud squeaking or grinding noises when it is being moved up and down. This can also be caused by a failing component such as the window motor, regulator or tracking guides.

We can fix this issue for you to prevent annoying noises. Fixing the problem in this early stage will eliminate the risk of any further damage.

The window has fallen between the panel and door:

The window can fall between the door and panel, resulting in it being stuck in the down position. This is often caused by the window becoming unattached from one or more parts such as the regulator or control arm. Over time, the parts that hold your window in place can become worn, eventually leading to the window becoming unattached entirely.

If the window has fallen down, you should still hear noise when pressing the switch. If there is no noise, it is likely that your problem is actually caused by a damaged window motor, window control switch, fuse or wiring.

Car Window Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, our qualified, skilled and experienced mechanics can offer a quick, hassle-free window replacement service for your car. We specialise in replacements for door windows, and will give you an estimate according to your vehicle type. For reliable car window servicing in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today.

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