What are the types of car windows?

The front windshield is one of the most important safety features of your car. Of course, they protect passengers from debris flying into the car while on the road, but surprisingly, their functionality does not end there. They are also necessary for the deployment of most cars’ airbags, are part of the structure of your car frame, and can protect you from serious injury in case of accidents. Without properly functioning windshields, the car’s safety features are severely diminished.

Broken sidelite window

Most cars also have three other types of windows apart from the front windshield: sidelites, quarter windows, and backlites. Each of these has important functions as well.

Sidelites are the windows located in the doors of the car. They have general uses such as ventilation, insulation, enhancing aerodynamics to improve gas mileage, the structural integrity of the car frame,  and noise reduction.

Quarter windows are the smaller windows located near the sidelites. They are less common in newer car models.

Backlites are the windows in the rear of the car. These are used for safety precautions; specifically, being able to see other drivers on the road.

What causes car windows to break or crack?

There are many causes for broken windows beyond shattering or cracking that result from accidents. Some other causes may include:

Debris: When debris such as rocks or other hard objects collide with the windshield, it can cause chips and small cracks that can develop into larger problems over time.

Theft: Thieves will often smash a door window in order to either get something they desire from inside the car or to allow them to unlock the car in an attempt to steal it.

Vandals: Sometimes vandals will randomly and senselessly smash car windows for no good reason, leaving your car exposed to the rain and thieves.

Misalignment: If a car is severely misaligned, the pressure of the frame over time can cause the glass to break. In this case, the damage may not be visible when looking at the windows, but the glass is made vulnerable. (see more on how to spot frame misalignment here).

Vulnerable glass: Sometimes, it may seem as though your car window has shattered spontaneously. In these cases, there was most likely an underlying issue in the glass that made it vulnerable, such as poor installation. It can also be from unnoticed issues like the ones above, such as a small chip or misalignment. Shutting the car door too hard, going over bumps quickly, or other inconspicuous acts may be the breaking point in this case.

There are also ways car windows can be broken that are unrelated to cracks or shatters. See some of these issues here.

Why should you get your car windows replaced?

As discussed, car windows are vitally important to the functioning of your car. Even small damage to the windows can be cause for concern. This is because when the windows are made vulnerable, they become less effective and more susceptible to larger damage from normal usage. It is better to get them replaced or repaired sooner rather than later to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Replace Broken Car Windows in Hamilton

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