Are you having trouble unlocking or locking your car doors?

The type of service needed for your car door lock can differentiate by the type of key it has. A lot of modern cars have the technology to lock and unlock your car doors/boot with a flick of a switch or press of a button on your keys. However, a lot of cars are still opened and locked by a key. The door’s locking issues can come down to the fob/ key or other issues with the mechanism or lock itself.


Modern cars with fobs not locking/ unlocking

Vehicles with fob keys unlock and lock the car doors/boot by the push of a button. A large number of these cars come with a radiofrequency system that allows the vehicle doors to be locked and unlocked from a distance with the car key. 


  • The key fobs battery is dead

This is one of the most common causes of your car door not locking or unlocking. It is very easy to solve this problem, just change the battery. You can come into Grimmer Motors and we can replace the battery out for you.


  •  The key fob is faulty

If you have already replaced the battery in your key fob and it still isn’t working, then the issue could be with the key fob itself. To fix or replace your key fob come to Grimmer Motors. They can organise to get the key fob replaced. If Grimmer Motors find the fob isn’t sending a signal to unlock/ lock the vehicle, then they can order in a new fob for you. 


  • A blown fuse/ actuator is faulty

If one of your car doors doesn’t work but the others do, the issue could be a blown fuse or a bad actuator. If the problem is the fuse it can be easily replaced, if the issue is the faulty actuator it may require removing the car door panel and further inspection by a technician. 


  • Damaged locking relay

The door lock relay is the relay responsible for sending power to the door lock actuators so that the vehicle can lock and unlock. If the locking relay fails it can cause issues with the operation of the door locks. The first symptom of a damaged locking relay is the door locks function works intermittently.



Cars with standard keys not locking/ unlocking

  • Damage to your door latch

If there has been damage to your latch because of attempted theft, an accident or a fender bender, then this can cause the door lock to be stuck in the lock position. This could be the result of the latch being bent or disconnected from the rest of the door lock assembly. To fix the latch the broken connections will need to be fixed. This may require the door to be opened and have parts replaced.


  • Broken key

If your key has broken in your lock, then Grimmer Motors can organise the replacement of this for you. 


  • Rust, dirt, and jamming

Over time things like rust and grime can build up and become jammed in the internal workings of the door lock. This can cause your key to get jammed, stuck, and unable to turn to unlock or lock the car. To solve this issue of blockage lubricate the assembly and try to move it. If you find that anything other than grime or rust is keeping the car door lock stuck in the lock position, remove the relevant blockage, or bring it into your local, trusted mechanics for professional replacement service.


  • Broken connections

If your lock is stuck in the lock position it can be because of poor connection between one or more connections in the door latch. If your door handle, door lock cylinder or interior locking switch is not properly connected, then the car lock will be stuck in position. To fix the broken connections the door might be required to be opened and troubleshoot the lock assembly.


If you’re having issues with your car door lock, it generally won’t affect the operation of the vehicle. However, it can cause unnecessary inconvenience when trying to enter and exit your car, and if taken for a Warrant of Fitness with this problem it will fail. A malfunctioning lock will also compromise the security of your car and safety of the its passengers if you cannot lock your car.

Car Door Lock Services and Replacement in Hamilton

Our skilled team of mechanics at Grimmer Motors will be able to diagnose your car’s locking problem quickly and accurately. Your door will then be fixed, with only the necessary components being replaced. To fix your car door lock issues book in with Grimmer Motors today!

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