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Although a malfunctioning car door won’t affect the operation of your vehicle, it can cause unnecessary inconvenience when trying to enter or exit your vehicle and it can be a cause of failure for a Warrant of Fitness (WOF). A malfunctioning lock may also compromise the security of your vehicle. Grimmer Motors offers several car door-related services in Hamilton.


Lubricating Car Doors

Most car doors are usually supported by a hinge and a latch. The role of the hinge is to hold the weight of the door while it is open. The latch is what allows the door to fall into place and close correctly.

Some doors (often found in vans) operate using sliding mechanisms rather that opening outwards like a traditional car door. These types of doors need maintenance more often due to the larger number of moving parts present.

Lubricating a car door means removing any old, dried up grease from the door and replacing it with new grease. This allows the door’s components to move more smoothly. A lubricated door will make no noise while opening and closing. It will also not be at risk of jamming or not closing correctly.

Common signs of a car door in need of lubrication include:

  • The door jamming when opening or closing.
  • The door producing loud “squeaking” noises.
  • There is resistance when you are trying to use the door, requiring more force.

Our talented, experienced mechanics will effectively lubricate your vehicle’s door(s), allowing them to open and close like new.


Door Lock Inspection and Replacement

Sometimes, a mechanism in your vehicle’s locking system will be damaged, resulting in the door not locking correctly or becoming stuck shut or open. Common causes of this include:

  • A damaged locking relay.
  • Part of your door’s locking system becoming loose or falling off.
  • A jammed component in your door’s locking system.

Regardless of the cause, our skilled team of mechanics will be able to diagnose of your car’s locking problem quickly and accurately. Your door will then be fixed, with only the necessary components being replaced.


Door sagging or out of place

A worn door hinge, pin or bushings may cause your vehicle’s door to sag downwards or fall out of place. This problem can be inconvenient, causing the door to not close properly.

At Grimmer Motors, we are able to replace and realign your car door, allowing it to function normally.


Failed Warrant of Fitness for car doors?

There are several problems related to your car door(s) that can lead to a failed Warrant of Fitness. These include:

  • The door sagging or becoming misaligned with other panels. This can prevent the door from closing properly, leading to safety issues.
  • The door being stuck shut – This can prevent passengers from being able to safewly exit during an emergency situation.
  • The door lacking structural integrity and/or stability due to an impact or accident
  • The door’s locks aren’t working, leading to them not being able to open in an emergency

Regardless of the issue, our team of skilled mechanics can service your car doors and get them to a standard where they will pass a Warrant of Fitness.

Car door servicing, replacement and inspection in Hamilton

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your vehicle, every component plays a significant role in ensuring its overall functionality and safety. Among these components, car doors are crucial for protection, security, and convenience. If you’re in need of car door part replacement or servicing in Hamilton, New Zealand, look no further. Our professional automotive experts are here to provide you with top-notch service and quality solutions to keep your vehicle’s doors in optimal condition.

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