About car door locks: 

Power door lock Hamilton

Most modern cars have the capability of being able to lock or unlock the cars doors with a single flick of a switch or press of a button on your car keys. This is possible with the help of powered door locks. Powered door locks allow the driver or front seat passenger to control all 4 doors and the boot with a single flick of the lock switch on their door. A large number of these cars also come with a radio frequency system which allows these doors to be locked and unlocked remotely with the car key.

When power door locks malfunction, they can pose a serious security risk. A broken power door lock can make it easier for thieves to break into your vehicle, putting your belongings and even your personal safety at risk.


Causes and Symptoms of a car door not locking or unlocking:

– Flat car battery: If your car battery is flat or doesn’t contain enough charge to power the power door lock system, it will cause the car door lock system to not work properly.

– Make sure all doors, boot and bonnet are properly closed: If your car doors are not locking, make sure all the doors and the boot are well closed. In some less common cases the bonnet will need to be closed too. This is a common problem people find, especially if the boot is not closed properly.

– Flat key battery: If you use a wireless key to unlock your car, the battery in the key may go flat. This will mean you will no longer be able to unlock your lock your car with the remote. When this happens, you may need to order a new battery for your key fob or remote. Alternatively, most car remotes (including valet cards) have releasable keys that you can use to manually lock/unclock the vehicle.

– Try the other doors: The driver should have a control on the driver side door which he can use to test each door individually. If none of these work, it is likely that you could have a blown fuse or no power to the power door lock system.

– Power door locks getting stuck: If the power door locks seem be getting stuck it might be because they are not sufficiently lubricated. This will mean they will get stuck and not work properly

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Power door lock replacement in Hamilton:

Are you tired of manually locking and unlocking your car doors? Do you find yourself struggling with a broken power door lock? Look no further, as we offer comprehensive car power door lock repairs that will get your car’s security system working like new again.

At Grimmer Motors our talented and reliable mechanics will be able to diagnose and replace a door lock system easily. We can replace any faulty parts to do with you power door lock system. We can also organize a replacement for any associated parts such as the wireless radio key system.

Don’t let a broken power door lock compromise your car’s security. Contact us today to schedule your car power door lock repair and get your car back on the road with peace of mind. For all power door lock replacement and services in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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