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A worn door hinge can be annoying to deal with, as well as a safety hazard. Worn door hinges can cause your car door to sag downwards, or not open shut properly. This means that you will have to lift the door into position when you close it. A sagging door happens because the door frame becomes unaligned with the rest of your car, preventing it from closing properly.

Additionally, wear or corrosion around the door hinge can lead to your car failing its Warrant of Fitness. Car door WOF requirements >

Many modern cars have door hinge bushings. These bushings are easier to replace than hinges and absorb the majority of wear that occurs when you open and close your door. After a door hinge / bushing  replacement, your car door will be realigned with the rest of the vehicle. This will allow it to open and close without any difficulty. Sometimes, the problem will simply be caused by a few loose hinge screws, making for an easy fix. Other times, the entire door hinge or bushing will need to be removed and replaced.


When to replace door hinges:

Below are a few common symptoms of door hinges in need of replacement:

Car door is sagging – Worn or faulty door hinges will cause your car’s door to sage downwards, making it difficult to open or close.

Misalignment – Worn door hinges can cause the doors to become misaligned, making it difficult to open or close the doors properly. Misaligned doors can also create gaps between the door and the body of the car, which can compromise the safety of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Door not closing properly – If a worn door hinge is left unattended, it can eventually lead to the door not closing properly, or even opening unexpectedly. This can create safety issues, especially if it occurs while you are driving.

Damage to paint work – Worn door hinge pins and bushings can cause damage to your car’s paint work and interior if they are left too long. This is due to the door constantly making contact with the wrong parts wearing off your cars paint.

Loud creaking noises – If a door hinge is creaking, lubrication usually be required in order to stop the noise from occurring.


Can worn door hinges affect the safety of your vehicle?

Worn door hinges can compromise the safety of a vehicle by affecting the alignment, latch, and stability of the doors. For this reason, it is important to have worn hinges replaced by a qualified mechanic to ensure that the doors are operating safely and properly.

A misaligned or damaged door can also cause your car to fail its Warrant of Fitness

Learn more about Warrant of Fitness requirements for doors in NZ


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