About car doors:

It is important that your car doors work as they should. Doors allow you to easily exit the vehicle in an emergency and prevent thieves from gaining easy access to your vehicle.

Most car doors operate using a series of cables, rods, and latches. These components allow for the door to open, close, lock and unlock correctly. Any damage to these components can greatly affect the car door’s usability.  

Damaged car doors may also cause your vehicle to fail its Warrant of Fitness (WOF). Learn more about New Zealand’s car door requirements >


Common car door problems:

Car door won’t open:

Having a car door that won’t open can be annoying. It can make entering and exiting the car difficult as you will need to use a different door.

If the car door is stuck shut, it is likely due to a damaged latch assembly. The latch assembly can rust over time, or it may sustain physical damage. This will affect its ability to open the door from either side. 

The door lock can also become stuck, which will cause the door to remain in locked at all times. This is usually caused by a damaged or detached cable or rod. A damaged door lock will mean that the door will only open from the inside.

A loose or damaged handle can prevent the car door from opening on its corresponding side. For example, if the outside door handle becomes loose or snaps, you won’t be able to enter the car from outside but the interior handle may still work. 

A car that won’t from the inside could be as simple as the child lock / kiddy lock being set on the inside off the door, to prevent children accidentally opening the door while travelling in the car. If so, this can very easily be turned off.


Car door won’t close:

If your car door doesn’t close, it is likely due to a damaged door latch. Sometimes, the latch can become closed when the door is open. This will prevent the door from being able to close. The latch can also wear, snap, or bend causing it to not work properly and prevent your door from closing.

A broken interior door handle can make it very difficult to close the door from the inside. This is because it will be difficult to pull the door towards you. 


Car door is misaligned or sagging:

Sometimes, the door can become misaligned and sag, preventing it from closing properly. This is because the doors latch needs to line up with the catch properly. In this case, you should try to lift the door into position as you are closing it. If this doesn’t work, your door may need to be professionally realigned. 


Car window problems:

The car’s electric/power windows may stop working correctly, causing your vehicle to be at risk of theft. Learn more about car window repair >


Car Door Won’t Open / Close – Services in Hamilton

Are your car doors not opening or closing correctly? If so, we can inspect the door, providing replacements on failed parts where needed..

At Grimmer Motors our skilled, qualified and experienced mechanics can service and diagnose the following problems in your car doors:

  • Car door not opening from the inside.
  • Car door not opening from the outside
  • Car door not closing from the inside 
  • Car door not closing from the outside
  • Car not staying locked
  • Electric door locking not working
  • Alarm door locking not working
  • Car windows malfunctioning
  • Misaligned car doors

For the best car service in town plus cost effective car door fixes and part replacements in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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