Have you been sitting in a drive through or maybe picking someone up, letting your engine idle when you noticed a whirring sound coming from your engine? Unfamiliar noises are always troubling, but there is likely an identifiable cause of this sound. In order to be sure your car is not experiencing any major malfunctions, it is important to find out if your vehicle is not safe and to seek out the culprit of whirring sounds you have not noticed before. 

What causes a whirring noise while engine idling? 

Many factors could be experiencing wear and tear that results in whirring noises. These are some of the possible causes. 

Fuel Pump: The fuel pump is the device within the engine that pumps the fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel

A fuel pump.

injection system. Depending on the model of your car and whether or not it has a fuel pump, this part may be failing or in need of a replacement. If this is the case, your car may be difficult to start, lose power while driving, or experience other problems

Radiator Fan: The radiator fan helps to control the inside temperature of the car and pools cooling air through the radiator. Like normal fans, if the blades get displaced, the fan will begin to make a whirring or vibrating noise. If this is the case, the fan needs to be replaced or the blade needs to be fixed. This can also lead to engine overheating if the fan is not functioning. 

Engine Valves: The valves are a part of the engine that stop and allow fuel vapour to travel to and from combustion chambers. If the engine valve is stuck, it may cause an unfamiliar noise to come from the engine. If this has happened, there may be build up on the valves causing them to be unable to move. This needs to be fixed, sometimes as simply as putting an additive in your oil. 

Bearings: The job of bearings in your vehicle is to reduce friction between moving parts. If the bearings are loose or are not performing their function correctly, it can result in a whirring sound. 

You may also notice noises other than whirring coming from your vehicle such as clicking, buzzing, and rumbling. It is also important to find the causes of these sounds

Why does a whirring noise while engine idling need to be addressed? 

All noises which have newly appeared are causes for concern. A whirring sound while idling indicates that there is an issue somewhere within the engine, which means something is likely in need in repair. Each one of the possible causes listed above can result in its own problems. For example, if the radiator fan is broken, it can result in engine overheating which can cause further damage to your vehicle and increase potential danger while driving. In your order to have your car in safe driving conditions, it is vital to investigate any foreign sounds you may notice. 

Additionally, allowing these issues to go unaddressed can also lead to more expensive repairs if the problems progress. One issue can result in another, which racks up the price once you end up coming in for repairs. For this reason, it is important to bring your car in to a professional as soon as possible. 


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