About the engine mounts:

Car engines are very heavy and must be bolted in place to prevent movement while the car is operating. Engine mounts are rubber mounts that keep the engine attached to the frame or body of your car. This dampens engine vibrations and movement, allowing for a smoother drive.

Engine mounts are made of a sturdy rubber material. This prevents metal-to-metal contact, which can create excess vibration and noise. Engines usually have three or four engine mounts which hold the engine in place. These mounts are sometimes filled with liquid, which further helps for a reduction in vibration.

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When should the engine mounts be replaced?

Engine mounts are made of rubber, which makes them prone to eventually cracking, separating or leaking. The exact lifespan of an engine mount varies depending on how much load it is under and where it is positioned. However, you should be able to expect at least 7 years of heavy use from each mount. In many cases,  the engine mounts will last for the life of your vehicle.

Since the engine mounts have no recommended replacement schedule, it is best to familiarise yourself with the symptoms. This will allow you to quickly tell if there is a problem.

Please note, faulty engine mounts will fail and Warrant of Fitness and need to be replaced in order to pass the WOF.


Symptoms of engine mount damage:

  • Increased vibrations – You may feel vibrations while you are driving. This happens because the engine is not being securely held in place. Because of this, vibrations will travel through the chassis and into the cabin, making them noticeable to the driver and passengers. These vibrations will often increase when your car is idling.
  • Loud noises – As well as vibrations, you will most likely notice loud noises coming from your engine bay. These noises may sound like loud knocking, clunking or metal on metal.
  • Misaligned engine  Upon visually inspecting your engine, you may notice that it is leaning or tilting in one direction. This is a sign that one of the engine mounts is not supporting the engine properly.
  • Damage to the engine and surrounding components – If a bad engine mount is ignored, it can eventually cause damage to surrounding components such as the drive belt, cooling system, transmission and exhaust components. This can lead to a more expensive repair bill as well as problems with the engine possibly overheating. An incorrect level of support can also be dangerous for the engine. Excess movement can cause engine parts to become damaged at an accelerated rate, affecting the driveability and safety of your car.


Engine Mount Replacement in Hamilton

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