What are the problems?

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid – and Toyota Corollas in general – are known as very solid and reliable cars. Later models of the Hybrid have been praised for providing a smooth and quiet ride, and there are only few complaints from drivers about these cars. The quirks described by owners and reviewers of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid tend to be unique to the car design (such as its bright touch screen display or a boot space that could be larger) rather than mechanical flaws. As with any Hybrid, battery life and battery care is going to be something you need to be aware of as an owner. In terms of battery life this model of car appears to be doing well, but replacements/servicing are both options if it begins to lose charge.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2019 – 2021

2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Hatchback, Sedan: There have been very few issues reported with the latest model of car, and reviews of this model are very positive.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Hatchback, Sedan:  There have also been two recalls for issues involving seatbelts and the deactivation of the vehicle stability control system/loss of braking assist: however, it appears these have affected very small numbers of cars.

2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Hatchback, Sedan: This car won “Affordable Hybrid Car of the Year”.  Something owners have noticed is the Hybrid Corolla’s CVT (continuously variable transmission) gearbox causes its petrol engine to rev loudly, and to hold those revs for long periods. Read more about the CVT gearbox system. Troubleshooting: If you have any concerns about seatbelts, stability or brakes in your Toyota Corolla Hybrid car, take it to a qualified mechanic straight away.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2013- 2018:

Very few problems have been reported for these years.

General note on battery care

Toyota Corolla Hybrid batteries have an 8-year warrantee, 10 years for 2020-2021 models.

It’s important to take good care of your car in cold weather.

Keep an eye on your “hybrid warning light” which appears on the dashboard. If you notice your battery charge fluctuating and the warning light coming on, this could indicate your battery pack might have a malfunctioning cell. If your lights or radio aren’t working or your car is not starting, the 12 volt battery may need to be replaced. Cold weather can mean your battery deteriorates more quickly and can reduce the fuel efficiency of your hybrid car: it is best to store your car in a garage if possible. Read more about taking care of your car in winter, and about the advanced electronic test services Grimmer Motors provides to ensure everything is running as it should.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid repairs in Hamilton

If you would like your Toyota Corolla Hybrid checked over, or have the hybrid battery repaired or replaced,  or if you would like any advice about getting your Hybrid repaired, contact the friendly and experienced team at Grimmer Motors today.  

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