Not every vehicle has a towbar, but if you do, chances are you probably need towbar electrical wiring. This system is incredibly important for the safety of yourself and those around you. Therefore it is important to know the dangers and signs of faults. 

What is towbar electrical wiring?

If you connect a trailer to your car via the towbar, you will need electrical wiring in order to power the lights on the back of your trailer. This is, of course, used when signaling and braking to alert others. When ordering your towbar, there are a few different types regarding the electrical wiring you may consider.

Standard trailer plug.

No Wiring – There are some instances where you actually do not need to worry about towbar electrical wiring wiring at all. If you are using the towbar to carry bike racks, a wiring connection is probably unnecessary. 

Standard Wiring – The standard wiring system is the wiring kit that the majority car models require for their towbar. Here, the electrical system is connected to your car’s tail lights, brake and park lights, plus indicators. 

Wiring Interface – A number of newer car models and European vehicles use this system of wiring. It is separate from the wiring in your car, lessening the pressure on your vehicle’s computer, or in other words, the complex wiring system (see more about the computer here). 

Vehicle Specific Wiring – This system is used if you have had an electrical system installed which has been built to work with the existing electrical system for your model of car. This usually provides added capabilities to the trailer you are towing, such as traction and stability control and anti-lock braking. It can also communicate with other vehicle controls related to lights. 

What causes faults in towbar electrical wiring?

Physical Damage – One of the most common ways for trailer electrical wiring to become faulty is a tear or breakage in the wires themselves. This sort of damage can be caused by abrasion, or debris kicking up such as rocks or glass that can damage the wires. If you notice wires hanging down or broken off, physical damage is likely the cause of your faulty wiring. Given that wires are copper, if they move constantly they can break internally. 

Corrosion – It is very common for the trailers and caravans you carry with your towbar to sit for long periods of time without use. However, this can cause your wiring, specifically the trailer plug which connects the electrical systems in trailers, to become rusted and eventually corroded. This means the part will begin to break down. If left sitting, especially if you live in a moist environment, corrosion may occur. You can check the trailer plug for rust or green, black or white types of corrosive mold to see if this may be the cause of your faulty wiring. 

Poor connections – When it comes to electrical wiring, connection is paramount. Your towbar wiring may have a poor connection due to substandard brake installation or even wear from usage. If your brake, park, or indicator lights are not functioning properly, it is important you bring in your vehicle to have this inspected as soon as possible.

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Why does faulty towbar wiring need to be fixed? 

As mentioned above, the towbar electrical wiring handles a range of important functions. Some of these include your indicators, park light, reverse light, number plate lights and brake / stop lights. These are important to be able to safely alert other drivers when you are stopping or switching lanes. If your electrical wiring is faulty and causes a brake or indicator light malfunction, this can be a danger. Therefore, it is important to be conscientious of any problems your wiring may have and to get those repaired immediately. 

Please note: your trailer will need working indicators, park light, reverse light, number plate lights and brake / stop lights to pass a Warrant or Fitness / WOF

Towbar electrical wiring repair in Hamilton

Have you noticed faults in your towbar electrical wiring? If so, we can help! 

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