What is the purpose of sway bar bushing?

Located underneath your vehicle, the sway bar bushings are an important part of your suspension that helps your vehicle absorb bumps, produce less noise and drive more smoothly. It also helps your car to “roll” less when making sharp turns, improving the stability and safety of your vehicle.

Your sway bar is fixed to the chassis and connects to other suspension components with the help of bushings. These bushings are usually made from durable rubber which is designed to last a long time. However, deterioration can occur, especially in vehicles with high mileage.


Symptoms of worn sway bar bushings

A properly lubricated set of bushings can last for years. However, sway bar bushings will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Below is a list of common symptoms associated with failing sway bar bushings:

Rattling noises while driving

When the bushings are damaged, the sway bar itself will become loose and cause your car to make a rattling noise while you drive. The noise will be most audible when you are going around corners or making sharp turns. 

Squeaking from under the vehicle

A squeaking noise from under your car is usually the first sign of substantial wear in the sway bar bushings and/or surrounding components. This squeaking will be most prominent when making a sharp turn, or going down a bumpy road.

Reduced handling

A decrease in handling ability is a common sign of worn sway bar bushings. Like the rattling noises, this sign will also be most noticeable when you are going around corners or making sharp turns. 

Poor stability when accelerating

Your vehicle may feel like it’s wobbling when you accelerate swiftly. This is caused due to reduced stability from the sway bar bushings.


Is it safe to drive with bad sway bar bushings?

It is not recommended that you drive quickly or turn sharply with damaged sway bar bushings. To ensure your safety, remain at safe speeds and take turns as slowly as possible. Get your bushings replaced  as quickly as possible to improve the safety of your car.

Sway Bar Bushing Installation & Replacement in Hamilton

Replacing your sway bar bushings is important because it allows your vehicle to absorbs shocks more effectively, take turns correctly and drive more smoothly. If your sway bar bushings are worn, you may also be at risk of failing your next Warrant of Fitness (WOF). 

At Grimmer Motors, we can efficiently inspect your vehicle’s sway bar and bushings. We can then provide replacement bushings for your vehicle, allowing it to drive smoothly. For reliable vehicle services in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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