About car door / boot creaking lubrication services:

Lubricating your car’s doors and boot allows for the hinges to operate smoothly. This prevents the hinges from squeaking, creaking or becoming stuck when in use.

The lubrication process consists of a mechanic examining the hinge and removing any old, dried up grease. New grease is then applied to the hinge, allowing it to operate much more smoothly. 

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It is important to note that a lube service cannot fix the following:

  • The car door sagging out of place.
  • A broken component in your car door’s assembly
  • Physical damage to the hinge

For solutions to these problems, please see car door repairs >

When do car doors need lubrication?

Door hinges:

When a car door is open, the full weight of the door and its interior components is supported by the hinge. Lubrication of the hinge allows for smooth, effective hinge operation and prevents the door from becoming difficult to open or noisy. 

Symptoms of door hinges in need of lubrication include:

  • The car door making loud creaking, squeaking, squawking, banging noises as it swings
  • The car door is difficult to open
  • The car door is difficult to close

tracks / sliding doors:

Some car doors operate on a track, allowing the door to slide open rather than open outwards. This is especially common in vans. The door track should be lubricated in order to allow smooth operation. This service is particularly important with sliding doors because they are much more prone to become jammed if they are not regularly lubricated.

Symptoms of door tracks due for lubrication include:

  • The door becoming stuck.
  • The door requiring additional pressure to open and close.
  • The door becoming noisy when opening or closing.

Car boot / trunk:

The boot requires lubrication in order to work smoothly and correctly. Since the hinges need to hold the weight of the door upwards, they are more prone to wear and may require lubrication more often. 

Symptoms of a boot due for lubrication include:

  • The boot becoming difficult to open
  • The boot produces a loud squeaking noise and it opens and closes
  • The boot may fail to latch properly when it is closed.

Car bonnet:

The car bonnet also has hinges that can seize up over time and these hinges also need regular lubrication. Otherwise sometimes the hinges get so stiff that it is becomes difficult to open the bonnet to work on / service the cars engine.

Car Door, Bonnet & Boot Lube Service in Hamilton

Are your car doors. boot, or bonnet becoming stuck, or making more noise than normal? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, our skilled, highly experienced mechanics can quickly and correctly lubricate car door, bonnet and boot hinges. This allows for smoother operation and easier use. We also provide car door repairs for any other problems in your door’s assembly. 

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