What are car trailing arm bushes?

A trailing arm suspension system (sometimes referred to as a trailing link) aligns the pivot point of your car with the suspension by using several arms and bushings for support. The trailing arm bushes are used to hold the trailing arm to the chassis of your vehicle. Trailing arm bushings also help your car to absorb vibrations and bumps from the road.

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Causes of worn car trailing arm bush:

Trailing arm bush twisting and tearing – The car trailing bar bushings are constantly supporting large car weights and absorbing car impacts, meaning they will eventually wear. This can cause the trailing arm / bar bushings to become stretched or twisted and result in tearing.

High levels of heat – If your car’s trailing arm  bushings are made of rubber, high levels of heat can cause them to crack or perish over time. This will reduce their effectiveness in absorbing impacts and preventing shocks and rattles.

Hardening of trailing arm bushes – Car trailing bar rubber bushes can also harden over time, reducing their effectiveness in absorbing impacts.

Please Note: if your car trailing arm / bar bushes are worn or damaged it is likely your vehicle will fail a Warrant of Fitness (WOF).


Symptoms of trailing arm / bar bushes in need of replacement:

Reduced control when going around corners – The steering and suspension system work together to evenly distribute the weight of your car as it turns. Damaged trailing bar bushes can affect this weight distribution, resulting in reduced control when your vehicle is turning.

Increased tyre wear – When the weight distribution of your car is affected due to bad trailing bar bushes, the lifespan of your tyres will be reduced. This is because certain parts of the tyre will be under more pressure than others. For example worn car trailing bar / arm bushes can affect your wheel alignment. 

Clunking noises while driving – An important role of the trailing bar bushings is to soften the impact of surrounding metal components. When the car trailing arm bushes wear out, the various metal parts will be more prone to hitting and rubbing on each other. This is often noticeable when you are braking or going over speed bumps / pot holes. 


New Trailing Arm / Bar Bush & Repairs in Hamilton

Are you having problems with your car’s trailing arm / bar bushings? Have car’s trailing arm / bar bushes failed a Warrant of Fitness (WOF)?  If so, we can help!

Our competent, experienced and skilled mechanics can perform trailing arm / bar bushreplacements for your car. This will allow for better control of your car and reduced tyre wear.

At Grimmer Motors, we can provide a variety of suspension repairs for your car. This allows for a smoother, quieter and less bumpy ride. For reliable trailing arm / bar bushing and suspension repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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