What do car electric power seat switches do?

Car electric / power seat switches provide an easy, fully electronic method for adjusting your car’s seats. This increased ease of use while driving and allows you to sit more comfortably, especially for long trips. 

When you press a button on the power seat switch, the electrical signals are sent to a small motor which adjusts your seat’s position according to your input. Any damage to the circuit, switch or motor can result in your car’s seats not moving properly/at all.
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For the replacement of entire seats, please see Car Seat replacement.


Causes of bad power / electric seat switches:

Corroded contacts/wiring – Over time, the contacts and wiring in the switches can corrode and lose effectiveness. A broken/corroded part of the circuit will result in electrical current not being able to reach the electric power seat motor and the electric power seat failing to work correctly.

Loose switches/buttons – The electric power switch buttons may become loose or disconnected from the rest of the assembly. This can result in nothing happening when the switches are pressed. 

Blown fuse – The power seats in your car are linked to the battery via a fuse. If this fuse blows, the connection to the power seats will be severed and they won’t be able to move until the fuse is replaced. 

Damaged motor – In some cases, the electric power seat motor can wear out or overheat. This will prevent the seats from moving or cause them to become stuck or move slowly.

Symptoms of broken power / electric seat switches:

Seat not moving – A lack of electrical current can result in the seat not moving at all. This can be caused by the switch not working, or damage to the fuse, wiring or contacts.

Buttons feel loose – The buttons or switches that adjust your car’s seats may feel loose, jammed or unresponsive. This may mean that the power seat switches need a replacement.

Limited seat movement – Your seat may move very slowly or become jammed. This can be caused by an inconsistent level of electrical current. This can also be caused by items stuck under your seat that are limiting its movement.


New Electric Power Seat Switches in Hamilton

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