Car Seating Inspection and Replacement:

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Having quality vehicle seating adds to the comfort and safety of your vehicle. In many cases, that state of your seats and seatbelts can also determine whether your car passes its Warrant of Fitness (WOF). 

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Most car seats are bolted to the base of the car. This means that the bolts can be easily removed by a mechanic and the seat being replaced when necessary. Sometimes these bolts can become loose, causing the seat to become loose. A simple bolt tightening will usually fix this problem.


Causes of car seat damage:

In some cases, you may need your vehicle seats repaired or replaced. This can be due to:

  • The seat frame has been weakened due to corrosion and/or wear.
  • The driver’s seat is in a condition that limits the driver’s control over the vehicle.
  • The seat is broken in a way that limits the functionality of the seatbelts.
  • The seat has become loose and needs to be tightened into place.
  • There is cosmetic damage such as rips, tears or stains on the vehicle’s seats.
  • The headrests are missing, damaged, or not installed properly


Installing new car seats:

Installing new car seats is usually a straightforward task. It consists of:

  • Loosening the bolts on the seat(s) that will be removed.
  • Removing the old seat(s), taking extra care with any exposed wiring (especially electric car seat and Airbag wiring).
  • Fitting/positioning the new seat(s).
  • Fastening the bolts so that each seat stays in place.

At Grimmer Motors, we can remove your old seats and install new seats in your vehicle. This will allow for:

  • Better seat condition (if old ones are damaged)
  • A passed Warrant of Fitness (if your seats caused you to fail)
  • A unique touch to your vehicle which makes it your own. 

We also offer child safety seat installation, meaning that your child will be safe and properly secured while you drive.

Car Seating WOF Requirements in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Warrant of Fitness (WoF) requirements for car seating are specified by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). The following are the general guidelines for car seating in order to meet the WoF requirements:

  • Seat Belt Operation: All seat belts in the vehicle must be in proper working condition. This includes the seat belt buckles, retractors, and anchors. They should securely hold the occupants in place and release without obstruction.
  • Seat Belt Webbing: The seat belt webbing should be free from cuts, fraying, or significant wear that could compromise its strength and effectiveness. The webbing should be securely attached to the seat belt fittings.
  • Seat Belt Mounting Points: The seat belt mounting points, including anchorages and bolts, should be securely fastened to the vehicle’s structure. They should not show signs of corrosion, damage, or any structural weakness that could reduce their effectiveness.
  • Seat Condition: The seats should be securely mounted to the vehicle and in good condition. They should not be excessively worn, torn, or damaged to the extent that it affects their structural integrity or the occupant’s safety.
  • Seat Adjustment Mechanisms: Seat adjustment mechanisms, such as reclining mechanisms and seat tracks, should be in proper working order. They should allow for smooth and secure adjustment of the seats without any signs of malfunction or instability.
  • Seat Anchorage Points: The seat anchorage points, where the seats are attached to the vehicle’s structure, should be intact and free from corrosion or damage that could compromise their strength and stability.
  • Headrests: If the vehicle is equipped with headrests, they should be securely attached to the seats and adjustable for proper positioning. Headrests help prevent neck and head injuries in the event of a collision.

Car Seat Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, our mechanics can quickly and correctly replace the seats in your vehicle. We also offer seatbelt and replacements, meaning your vehicle’s seats will be as safe as possible.

Although we may sometimes perform basic repairs for Warrant of Fitnesses, the most efficient and cost-effective option is usually to find a new seat and replace the old one entirely.

The condition of your vehicle’s seats can affect the safety of your vehicle. For this reason, we recommend that you get your seats replaced if necessary. New seats can also make your vehicle more comfortable.

For car seat replacement and great all round service in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!

Please Note  we don’t generally stock or supply just “parts only” for this service. We are a general automotive repair workshop. If you are able to bring your vehicle to us, we can diagnose the problem, find and fit the necessary parts, or organise the appropriate service for you.


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