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About child safety seat restraints

Under New Zealand law, any child under 7 years old must use an appropriate safety seat restraint when in a moving vehicle. This keeps the child safe. There are various types of safety seats that suit children of different ages. These include:

  • Baby capsules (for infants)
  • Car seats (for toddlers and pre-school children)
  • Booster seats (for pre-school and school-aged children)

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At Grimmer Motors, we can help you install and choose the correct seat for your child. See below a list of required seats for each age.

Child age conditions:

0-7 years old:

The child must use an appropriate seat (capsule, car seat, or booster seat). The child must sit in the back seat of the vehicle.

7-8 years old:

A booster seat must be used if available. The child must sit in the back seat.

8-14 years old:

At this age, a safety seat is no longer needed. However, the child must use a seatbelt and sit in the back seat.

14+ years old:

The child is now permitted to sit in the front seat.


Car seat tether point installation

Most modern car seats include a tether. This tether must be mounted to a tether point on the car’s seat so that it remains stable. At Grimmer Motors, we can install a tether point in your car’s back seat so that you can correctly and safely install a car seat.

Child safety seat installation in Hamilton

In some cases, correctly installing a child safety seat can be difficult. At Grimmer Motors, one of our experienced and qualified mechanics can fit your car seat, saving you the time and hassle. We are a family-friendly mechanic, meaning we are happy to help with all car seat problems. Give us a call to book your child safety seat fitting today.

We have plenty of experience in installing safety seats and restraints. This allows you to have peace of mind while driving that your child’s seat is secured correctly.

For family-friendly vehicle services in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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