About Knock Sensors:

In order to operate correctly, combustion engines explode a mixture of fuel at accurate intervals. The purpose of a knock sensor is to detect whether the engine is pre-igniting or detonating and prematurely sparking and igniting this mixture, as if this is the case it can lead to some engine damage. The sensor is essentially a microphone, designed and tuned to pick up the smallest of engine noises. The knock sensor continuously sends data to the engine cars computer. If the engine is pre-igniting, the cars computer will delay the spark plug timing to prevent it. The knock sensor is located on the input manifold or cylinder head.


Knock Sensor Location

How serious is a damaged knock sensor:

If your knock sensor is damaged it could lead to a some other damage. If you are worried about a damaged knock sensor it is a good idea to get it checked as it will prevent your car from additional damage. With a damaged knock sensor, you may experience a drop in power or a less smooth ride.



The fault code P0325 is an OBDII diagnostic fault code for a knock sensor. This fault code could be caused by the following

– A damaged knock sensor circuit

– A failed knock sensor

– Electrical wiring issues


Learn more on the fault code


Symptoms of a damages knock sensor:Check Engine

– Check Engine light This will be switched on if the knock sensor detects odd vibration / sound in the engine (due to pre-ignition and detonation).

– Knocking or pinging noises – If a knock sensor fails or is damaged, you may be able to hear a knocking or pinging sound coming from the engine.

– Driving doesn’t feel right – If you notice that your car doesn’t feel right while normally driving around it is possibly a damaged knock sensor. You may experience trouble at moderate to high speeds and when accelerating. This could mean your knock sensor is faulty and the engine is pre-igniting and not functioning as per usual.

– Loss of power – When the engine realizes there is a faulty knock sensor, it may lose a lot of power. This could be to protect itself from being damaged.

– Worse Fuel mileage – If the knock sensor is damaged and the engine is firing incorrectly, it will lead to less fuel efficiency and worse exhaust emissions.



Knock sensor replacements in Hamilton:

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