What causes a loss of engine power?

If your vehicle is struggling to get up to speed, you are likely experiencing a decrease in vehicle power. Your car may struggle on hills, move very slowly when accelerating from a complete stop or take a long time to reach speeds that shouldn’t be an issue for it.

Several things can cause a loss of power in your vehicle. Some of these things require a lot of work to fix, whereas other problems can be solved by replacing a defective part.


Ignition problems

A loss of vehicle power can be caused by malfunctioning components in your car’s ignition system such as the spark plugs or ignition coil. If the ignition system is not able to properly ignite fuel when necessary, your engine will have trouble producing power to the wheels.

A faulty ignition can also result in your vehicle using more fuel, misfiring or struggling to start.

Faulty fuel pumpFuel pump

The fuel pump creates the necessary pressure to send fuel from its tank to the engine. If the fuel pump is damaged, it may starve the engine of fuel, hindering your car’s ability to run properly. This can cause a severe lack of engine power, especially on hills.

Faulty fuel filterFuel Filter

The fuel filter removes dirt and rust particles from the fuel in your vehicle. Over time, it can become clogged, resulting in not enough fuel being able to reach the engine.

Damaged catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is an important exhaust component that reduces your vehicle’s emissions. If it breaks, it can prevent air flow from your engine, restricting its power. 

Blocked or Restricted Fuel Injectors

If you fuel injectors are blocked or restricted then your engine won’t be getting enough fuel to produce full power. Fuel injectors can be removed and put onto a flow test bench to determine if the fuel injector spray pattern and volume of fuel are correct.

If not the fuel injector(s) will often need to be sonic cleaned or replaced.

How important is this repair?

If your vehicle has lost power, it is important to get it diagnosed as soon as possible. This is because if it’s a problem in the engine or exhaust, it can become worse over time, causing serious damage to your vehicle and a larger expense in the future.

A slow running vehicle can be dangerous in high-speed areas, especially when turning onto a road. We recommend that you avoid situations where the reduced speed of your vehicle can cause problems.

Loss of engine power – Diagnostics & Repairs in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can provide state of the art, accurate diagnostics for your vehicle. This means that we can quickly and accurately determine the cause of your loss of engine power. We can then provide effective, high-quality repairs (if necessary).

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