What is an engine crankshaft seal?

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The crankshaft is a vital part of your car’s engine. Its role is to transform the force of the engine pistons moving up and down into a force that allows the wheels to turn. The crankshaft must remain lubricated with engine oil in order to function properly. For this reason, seals are used to prevent the oil from leaking and stop debris from entering and causing damage. These seals also prevent excess air from entering the engine, which can lead to an incorrect air to fuel ratio.
How does the crankshaft work?

The crankshaft has one seal located on each end. These two seals are called the front and rear crankshaft seals.

If one of your car’s crankshaft seals becomes loose, damaged or worn, it can cause oil to leak from your engine. This can increase friction between your engine’s moving parts, causing serious damage over time. For this reason, it is important that the crankshaft seals are repaired as soon as possible.  

Please note, we always recommend replacing the front engine crankshaft seal at the same time as you have your engine cambelt replaced (around every 100,000 km).


Symptoms of an engine crankshaft seal in need of replacement:

Oil leaking – A common symptom of worn rear crankshaft seals is oil dripping from the bottom of the clutch housing, where the engine block and transmission meet. Puddles of oil may also appear under or near your car’s engine front pulley, especially when it has been sitting in the same place for an extended period of time. 

Oil warning light – Many cars have dashboard warning lights that will appear if the oil level in your engine is too low, or if the engines oil pressure drops below a threshold level. If your car’s oil light comes on, try to avoid driving until the oil leak or oil pressure is repaired.
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Misfiring engine – A faulty crankshaft seal can cause air to enter the engine, leading to misfires and a lack of power. This is because the seal helps maintain the proper air-to-fuel ratio in the engine. This can lead to engine damage over time. It may also trigger the check engine light on your dashboard.

Vibrating engine – If the crankshaft seal becomes worn or damaged, it can cause the engine to vibrate, particularly at idle. This is because the seal helps keep the crankshaft stable and properly aligned.

Increased overheating and engine wear – When oil leaks from the crankshaft seals, the crankshaft (as well as other engine components) will create more friction. This will cause increased wear on engine parts, as well as higher engine temperatures. 


Crankshaft Seal Repairs & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car in need of a new front or rear crankshaft seal or crankshaft seal diagnostics? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, our qualified and experienced mechanics can provide you with accurate diagnosis of crankshaft seal oil leaks problems. We can then perform a crankshaft seal replacement on your vehicle. This will prevent oil leaks from occurring. 

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