What is the power steering hose?

Power Steering Hose Hamilton

Your car’s power steering system allows you to turn your steering wheel more easily. Power steering fluid is pumped through the power steering hoses by the power steering pump and provides the rest of your power steering system with a means to create hydraulic compression. This allows for you to move the steering wheel easily.

Most power steering systems have two hoses; a low-pressure hose and a high-pressure hose. The high-pressure hose transports fluid from the power steering pump to the steering rack. The low-pressure hose transports the fluid back from the steering rack to the power steering pump. 
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Causes of broken power steering hoses:

Blockages – If there is something blocking a power steering hose, it may affect the hose’s ability to distribute fluid correctly. This can cause your power steering system to not operate as it should.

Tears, cracks or punctures – Sometimes, the power steering hoses can become cracked or torn, resulting in fluid leaking out. The more fluid that is lost, the less effective your power steering will be. 

Loose hose – In some cases, the hose can come loose from the rest of the power steering assembly. This can result in fluid leaking. 

Perished power steering hose – as the power steering hoses are made of a special type of rubber, they can perish with age and the constant heating and cooling of the engine temperature under the bonnet.


Symptoms of damaged power steering hose:

Trouble with steering – If power steering fluid is not being transferred correctly via the power steering hoses, your car’s steering wheel can become difficult to turn. 

Power steering fluid leaking – If you notice small puddles of fluid under your vehicle, it may be due to a power steering fluid leak. If your car is leaking as well as becoming difficult to steer, you should examine your power steering fluid levels.
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Whining noise in engine bay – if you have a leak in a power steering hose or air is allowed to enter the power steering system then your power steering pump may make a whining noise while the engine is running, or when the steering wheel is turned.


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