Is your Vehicle Leaking?

Have you been noticing puddles forming under your vehicle? If so, your car may be leaking important oil or other fluid. Although a leak can indicate a major issue in your vehicle, it is often a simple, easy to fix problem.

Identifying the Leaking Fluid by Colour

Red – Often Power steering fluid leak

A power steering fluid leak is often accompanied by a high-pitched squeaking noise while driving. This type of leak may mean there is a faulty / worn fluid line or power steering pump or power steering rack seal.

Blue – Often Wiper fluid leak

A wiper fluid leak may be caused by a crack in the wiper fluid reservoir or a cracked rubber hose of fitting.

Brown – Often Brake fluid or oil leak

Oil has a greasy consistency whereas brake fluid is slimier (and will corrode paint off your vehicle).

Brake fluid leaks can be caused by damaged brake calipers, brake hoses, damaged brake piston seals or other brake components. It could also be caused by a cracked brake fluid reservoir. Do not drive if you suspect there is a brake fluid leak. It could stop your vehicle’s brakes from functioning correctly.

Engine oil leaks can be caused by many different things. These include damaged oil lines, damaged gaskets, broken oil filter or worn oil seals. Driving with an oil leak can damage your engine over time as it is unable to remain fully lubricated.

Red / Orange / Brown – Often Transmission fluid (oil) leak

Transmission fluid leaks can be caused by a leaking seal or gasket in your transmission. You could also have a crack in your automatic transmission oil cooler, or a hose that connects the automatic transmission and the oil cooler.

Orange, read yellow or green – Typically Coolant leak

Coolant leaks can be caused by a hole in your radiator, damaged hoses, leaking frost plugs, faulty water pump or other problems in your cooling system. Driving with a coolant leak is not recommended because it may cause your engine to overheat, causing serious damage.


Leak Repair in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, our experienced mechanics can determine why your vehicle is leaking and fix the problem. While some repairs are easy and straightforward, others can be more complex and may be caused by a critical problem in your vehicle. Regardless of the problem’s severity, it is always best to get your car inspected sooner rather than later. Oil leaks can damage your engine and brake fluid leaks can compromise the safety of your vehicle.

For reliable oil and fluid leak repairs, bring your vehicle to Grimmer Motors. We can quickly diagnose and repair problems, saving you time and money. We can also give you quality advice about all oil and fluid related problems. Don’t let your problems worsen over time, book an appointment today!


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