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Headrests serve a very important purpose in a car. They provide support and comfort for the neck and head, especially during long drives. Over time, headrests can become worn out or damaged, either due to regular use or accidental damage. Replacing them not only enhances the look of your car, but also ensures that you have comfortable and safe rides.

Detachable head restraints also have a key safety feature that not many people know about. The two sharp metal rods can be used to break a window in the event of an emergency.

In New Zealand, your car’s head restraints must meet certain requirements in order to pass a Warrant of Fitness (WOF).


Reasons your car’s headrests failed a Warrant of Fitness:

  • Damage or deterioration – Over time, the head restraints can become damaged, loose or incapable of supporting your head while driving. According to the NZTA guidelines, any head restraint has deteriorated to the point where the driver / passenger is at risk, it will need to be replaced in order to pass a Warrant of Fitness.
  • Head restraints won’t stay locked – If a headrest is unable to stay in a locked position, it will fail a Warrant of Fitness. This is because it can come loose while you are driving, preventing you from having the required head support.
  • Head restraints are missing – If you are going to buy a car that is missing head rests, you should be careful. A missing head restraint will need to be replaced with a new one in order for your car to pass its Warrant of Fitness.

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New Car Head Rests in Hamilton

Are you tired of looking at those worn out or damaged headrests in your car? Do you want to give your vehicle a fresh and new look? Then look no further! Our team offers top-quality car headrest replacement services that will make your car’s interior look brand new again. New headrests may be more comfortable or stable, and they will allow you to pass a Warrant of Fitness if your car recently failed due to headrests.

We also provide a variety of different WOF repairs, allowing your car to pass the test easily.

Don’t let damaged or worn out headrests ruin the look and feel of your car. Contact us today to schedule a headrest replacement service and give your car the makeover it deserves. We look forward to serving you and getting your car back on the road in style.

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