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If your car’s suspension has been lowered, or you are driving across bumpy terrain, the undercarriage of your vehicle is at risk of making contact with the car chassis or “bottoming out”. This is a problem for two reasons; firstly it can be very uncomfortable for you and any passengers in your car. Secondly, it can cause damage to the important suspension components under your car.

Most vehicles have some form of bump stop installed. However, these may need to be changed or upgraded when modifications to a vehicle’s height are remade. They may also need to be upgraded or replaced if you are regularly taking your vehicle off-road and driving over bumpy terrain.

Most bump stops are made of durable rubber. They are often connected to the frame and make contact with the suspension’s lower control arm. However, bump stops can be found inside the vehicle’s dampers, on the shock shafts, on one or more of the control arms, or basically anywhere that metal-to-metal contact can be prevented.

Bump stops act as a final defense against bottoming out, absorbing some of the impact,s and protecting your car’s suspension parts from being damaged.

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Bump stops may need to be periodically replaced. This is because over time, they can crack, become loose or fall off. A damaged bump stop will not be able to absorb shocks as effectively as a new one, resulting in increased wear and tear to your vehicle’s suspension components. Although the rubber is durable, it won’t last forever, especially when put under high-stress applications (eg driving on bumpy terrain regularly).


When to install bump stops:

There are several reasons you may want to install bump stops underneath your vehicle. These include:

  • You have recently lowered your car and want to reduce the risk of suspension components making contact with the ground.
  • You regularly drive across bumpy terrain and don’t want your car to bottom out constantly.
  • Your previous bump stops have been damaged and need replacement.
  • You have failed a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and need to get them replaced in order to pass your WOF.


New Bump Stop Installation in Hamilton

If you have failed a WOF, it is important that you get bump stops installed correctly to prevent damage from occurring. At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics can fit the right set of bump stops for your car for you. This will keep your suspension in better condition. We can also replace a set of bump stops that have become loose or cracked.

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