What are car axle shafts?

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An axle shaft is a long, rod-shaped component that connects your car’s wheels to the transmission system. The transmission causes the CV/axle shafts to rotate, which transfers rotational energy to your car’s wheels. 

The axle shaft is important, as it creates a connection between your engine transmission and wheels. For this reason, it is important that you get the axle joints replaced if necessary.

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Causes of damaged car CV/axle shafts:

Wear over time – Due to the axle joints being under constant pressure, they can be prone to wear over time. 

CV boot leaking – Each axle shaft has a CV joint, which is covered in grease and enclosed in a rubber CV boot. The CV boot keeps the grease inside, which allows the joint to remain lubricated. In the event that the CV boot is damaged, the grease may leak out and cause a lack of lubrication to occur. A non-lubricated axle joint will wear out much more quickly.
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Dirt and other contaminants – A damaged CV boot can also lead to contaminants such as dirt entering the joint. This can increase wear and prevent the joint from operating properly.

Bent Car Axle Shaft – in extreme cases a cars axle shaft can get bent due to an accident, or the car has landed heavily on an axle shaft when going over rough terrain. If this happens you will feel a vibration that changes in frequency in proportion to the speed of the car wheels.


Symptoms of a CV/axle shaft in need of replacement:

Shaking while driving – A damaged CV/axle shaft may lead to your car shaking while you drive. This may occur more frequently when you reach higher speeds.

Leaking of grease – A leaking CV axle shaft boot can cause grease to leak around your vehicle. This grease may appear as a puddle on the ground or stick to the edge of your tyres. 

Clicking noises – The CV axles may become loose over time. This can result in them producing clicking noises when turning.

Reduced vehicle control – High levels of vibration from a failing CV axle assembly can affect your car’s steering and handling. This reduces the control you have over your car. For this reason, we recommend immediately repairing the CV/axle assembly if the problem reaches this level.


Car CV / Axle Shaft Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

Are you having problems with your car’s CV / axle shaft assembly? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, we can install new axle shafts or replace leaking CV boots or damage CV joints in your car’s steering system. This will allow for more control over your car and reduced risk of accidents occurring. 

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