About mismatching tyres:

These two tyres have different tread types. This can affect their lifespan and stability.

Mismatching a car’s tyres is when instead of using identical tyres on each wheel, you use tyres of different pattern, direction, size or construction quality. A few examples of this include:

  • Mixing summer and winter tyres.
  • Mixing tyres with different tread patterns.
  • Mixing fully inflated and deflated tyres.
  • Using tyres with different tread depths.
  • Mixing asymmetrical, directional and non directional tyres

Drivers will often mismatch their tyres in the event of one tyre going flat. Rather than purchasing a brand new tyre of the same type, they will install a second-hand or cheaper tyre with different characteristics. Alternatively, they will buy the car secondhand without realising it has tyres different. This can affect the performance, stability and reliability of all your car’s tyres.

In some cases, mismatching tyres won’t do any harm. An example of this is different branded tyres that are the same size, direction, level of tyre pressure and tread depth. Some cars also have a “staggered fitment”, which means that there are different sized tyres of the rear and front axles.

Mismatched tyres can lead to you failing your Warrant of Fitness. This will occur if the asymmetrical, directional and non directional tyres are fitted incorrectly, or if the tyres are of different sizes and use different materials. View all Warrant of Fitness requirements for tyres >


Symptoms and problems caused by mismatched tyres:

Increased wear – Mismatched tyres will wear more quickly, resulting in a replacement being necessary more often. This usually occurs due to uneven amounts of weight being placed on each tyre.

Decreased control – A new set of matching tyres will improve the handling and control you have over your vehicle. This is because there are no differences of inconsistencies between the four tyres. If you have issues with your car’s handling and stability, check your tyres to see if they are the correct types.


Mismatched Tyres – Replacement and Servicing in Hamilton

Is your car having problems due to mismatched tyres? If so, we can help! A new set of tyres can be expensive, so understandably we don’t expect you to buy a new set every time one tyre goes flat. However, what we can do is determine which tyres are causing the problem and replace them with a similar size, tread type, direction and material as well as ensuring you have the correct tyre pressures. This will increase the lifespan and driving quality of your tyres without you having to buy a matching set.

We can diagnose / recommend and organise a wheel alignment for you as required.

We also offer tyre rotation services, which can greatly extend the life of your tyres by allowing them to wear evenly.

For quality tyre replacement, and serviving in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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