As your car ages, there may come a time when you notice a sound you have not heard before. One common sound is a low pitch noise that begins while you are driving. Though this may be alarming, this is usually nothing that cannot be repaired or remedied, however, it is important to investigate the causes and problems of a low pitch noise while driving. 

What causes a low pitch noise while driving? 

There could be a couple of reasons for this type of sound to occur. The sound typically falls into the category of humming, whirring or rumbling. Depending on the categorization, these are a few of the likely culprits. 

Humming noise from car 

If you notice a humming sound, especially as you accelerate, there may be different causes. Sometimes the noise would typically get louder as you accelerate, and then level off at a consistent volume once you reach a certain speed. You might also notice the sound increases in volume as you turn, but goes away once you turn the wheel the other way. It can be difficult to determine if it is an engine issue, so if this is the case, it is important to corroborate this symptom with the other signs of a bad wheel bearing

Wheel bearing – If the scenario above sounds familiar, this is likely the cause of the noise. The wheel bearing is what connects the wheel to the axle (the part that turns the wheel). It is a set of steel balls, or ball bearings which are connected by a metal ring / bearing housing. These carry a lot of pressure and in turn suffer some wear, so if you are experiencing this issue, it is probably time for a replacement. 

Whirring noise from car 

You may also experience a low pitched whirring noise. This could be indicative of a couple of issues. In these cases the sound will change when accelerating, and sometimes echoes beneath your vehicle. 

Differential – One cause of the sound described is too much friction in the differential. The differential is a part found in modern vehicles which allows different driving wheels to rotate at the same speed. It typically rotates on an axle, so if it is not properly lubricated, it can cause friction resulting in a whirring sound. 

Transmission – The transmission is what transmits power from the engine to the drive axle, or in other words, makes the wheels turn. There are a few issues your transmission system could be experiencing, one of which is bad transmission fluid. If this is the case, the transmission is again, not properly lubricated which can result in a whirring sound. 

Rumbling noise from car 

Exhaust system components.

A low pitched rumbling sound usually means there is a problem with a drive-line component, exhaust system, or carrier bearings.

Drive-line component – One drive-line component often associated with a rumbling noise is the universal joint. This part connects to either the differential or the transmission and ultimately allows for lateral and side-to-side movement of the driveshaft. If you notice a rumbling sound, you may need to take your car in to check if this part need to be replaced or repaired at your local trusted mechanics. 

Exhaust System component- The exhaust system releases gases produced by your vehicle during combustion processes. Many parts of the exhaust system could cause a rumbling sound. Some of these include the converter, muffler, or exhaust pipe. 

Worn carrier bearings – Carrier bearings are responsible for providing extra support for your car. They also increase the smoothness of your ride and the longevity of your tires. If the rumbling occurs when driving over 30 kilometers per hour, this may be the cause of the noise. 

Why does low pitched noise while driving need to be addressed? 

More than anything, a low pitched noise while driving is a warning sign of another issue. All of the potential problems listed above that could be causing the sound are ones that come with their own set of safety concerns. For this reason, there could be potential danger by not taking your car in. If the cause is unknown and should be inspected by a mechanic to make sure no further damage occurs and your vehicle is safe to drive. 

Inspection and Repair Low Pitch Noise While Driving Hamilton

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