What does transmission fluid do?

Transmission fluid is usually red in colour. As it ages, the fluid will become a dark brown colour.

Transmission fluid acts as the blood of your transmission system. Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts inside the transmission system. This allows the parts to operate smoothly, reducing wear and preventing excess heat or friction.

Your car’s torque converter utilises transmission fluid as a means to transfer rotational force between the engine and transmission. Additionally, transmission fluid acts as a coolant for the transmission system, absorbing heat and sending it through the radiator.

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Driving with low or unchanged transmission fluid can eventually lead to transmission damage or failure. For this reason, it is important to know the symptoms of low transmission fluid and change the transmission fluid according to your car’s maintenance schedule. Learn more below.


When to change transmission fluid?

Most mechanics recommend that you replace the transmission fluid with every 50,000 km of driving. A transmission fluid flush will save you from a costly repair bill by keeping your transmission system in good condition. For this reason, it is important that this routine service isn’t neglected.

If your transmission drops in level over time, it may be due to a leak in your transmission system. Learn more about how you can get a transmission leak repaired.


Symptoms of bad transmission fluid:

  • Grinding noises – Old or dirty transmission fluid will result in increased friction from the transmission system. This will often produce a loud grinding noise as your drive and shift gears.
  • Unexpected gear shifts – When transmission fluid runs low, you may experience unexpected gear shifts which occur too early or too late. This is due to a lack of hydraulic pressure caused by not enough transmission fluid.
  • Trouble shifting gears – In order to run smoothly, your car’s gearbox has to be completely free of contaminants such as dirt. When fluid becomes dirty or contaminated, gear shifts will become delayed due to restrictions in the valve body and shift solenoids and you can experience difficulty shifting gears.
  • Overheating transmission – A lack of lubrication can cause overheating in the transmission system. This can lead to accelerated wear on the transmissions system. Symptoms of an overheating transmission include a burning smell, gear slippage and power loss.


Transmission Fluid Flushing & Replacement in Hamilton

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