Are you experiencing a rough ride in your car? Are your tires wearing out faster than they should? It may be time to have your shock absorbers checked.

Shock absorbers are an essential component of your car’s suspension system. They help to smooth out the bumps in the road and provide a comfortable ride. When shock absorbers start to wear out or leak, it can cause problems for your car’s handling and tire wear.

If you suspect that your shock absorbers are leaking or in need of replacement, don’t hesitate to get them fixed. At our auto shop, we offer top-quality shock absorber replacement services that will get your car back to running smoothly. Our team of experienced technicians will remove the old, leaking shock absorbers and replace them with new ones, ensuring that your car is handling and riding as it should.

What causes a shock absorber leak?

In order to understand the causes of a shock absorber leak, it is important to understand how a shock absorber functions. Inside a shock absorber, one or more pistons flow through oil to create heat, reducing vertical motion in each wheel. This stops the wheels from bouncing after speed bumps, potholes and other impacts.

Damaged seals:

The oil and pistons are sealed in a closed housing, meaning any oil shouldn’t be able to get out. However, sometimes the seals can be damaged over time from grit, dirt and constant abrasion, resulting in oil leaking or weeping out of the shock. This is usually caused by the seal deteriorating over time.

Bent piston(s) or Piston Shaft:

The piston can become bent if the shock absorbers take a heavy impact. This will cause the shock absorber to not move correctly and potentially leak.

Bent shock absorber:

The shock absorber itself can become bent after a heavy impact. This will result in your vehicle not being able to absorb impacts correctly. A bent shock absorber will also significantly increase the risk of a leak.


Symptoms of a leaking shock absorber:

Even the smallest leaks can compromise your car’s ability to absorb shocks. There are several common symptoms associated with a shock absorber that needs replacing. These include:

  • “Nosediving” while braking
  • Vibrating in the steering wheel
  • Rattling and vibrating noises
  • Increased tyre wear
  • The vehicle takes bumps harshly
  • The vehicle body continues to bounce more often after bumps

Leaking Shock Absorber Replacement in Hamilton

Is your shock absorber leaking? If so, we can help! A leaking shock absorber may have caused you to fail your Warrant of Fitness, or it may be making driving uncomfortable and dangerous for you. We can fix the problem, allowing your vehicle to receive a WOF.

At Grimmer Motors, one of our talented, honest and experienced mechanics will be able to examine and replace your shock absorbers. This will allow for a much smoother ride. Book your appointment with us today!

In addition to shock absorber replacement, we also offer a range of other suspension repair services. Don’t let bad shock absorbers ruin your car’s handling and comfort – contact us today to schedule a shock absorber replacement service. We’ll have you back on the road in no time.


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