What are the problems with the Honda Insight Hybrid? 

Honda’s very first hybrid, the two-seater Insight, appeared in 1999.  When it was introduced, car enthusiasts hailed the Insight as a trailblazing vehicle. Even today first-generation Insights, made between 1999 and 2006, are highly sought-after cars due to their fuel economy.

However between 2010 and 2014, drivers reported more and more problems with the Insight. These include brakes issues, excessive oil consumption and engine problems. Read on to learn about some of the problems facing Honda Insight owners.

Honda Insight Hybrid 1999-2006

Despite their age, Insights from this time are still in high demand. One of the only recurring issues with early Insights is engine noise, unfortunately a part of the vehicle.

2005 Honda Insight

The 2005 Honda Insight

Another occasional issue is the Insight’s “Autostop” feature. The Insight shuts its engine down, while it is idling, to save on fuel. However sometimes the engine does not kick back in when it is supposed to. These problems are sometimes linked to the Insight’s hybrid battery dying, but there are other possible reasons your Insight’s Autostop may not be working properly.

As with all hybrid vehicles, battery life is generally something that owners should be aware of.  Batteries have a life expectancy of eight to ten years but the actual lifespan depends on how much use the car has. Getting your vehicle regularly serviced will help its longevity.

Signs your battery might need to be repaired or replaced include your battery light appearing, your charge dropping suddenly, your car losing power, and increased fuel consumption.

Troubleshooting: Grimmer Motors provides both hybrid battery replacement and reconditioning options. If you’ve noticed signs your Insight hybrid battery needs attention or something is going wrong with your car’s Autostop, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into the mechanic today.  A mechanic might not be able to do anything about a consistently noisy engine without major repairs, but if you notice a change in your engine noise, it also is a good idea to get this checked out.

Honda Insight Hybrid 2009 – 2013

The second generation of the Insight were five-seater cars. From 2010 and 2011 drivers began reporting more and more problems, mainly relating to the body and the paintwork of the car, and issues with airbags not deploying in the event of a crash. This led to some recalls.

The 2012 Insight is considered the worst year for this model of car. Excessive oil consumption, engine failure, the engine jerking while accelerating and stalling while driving were among  the problems drivers reported. In 2013, some of the same issues were seen again, including the vehicle unexpectedly stalling. Drivers also reported occasional problems with spark plugs wearing out, and even spark plugs melting.

Troubleshooting: If you notice your car is consuming an unexpected quantity of oil, it’s best to get it checked out.  High oil consumption can simply be a feature of the engine, but it can also be due to faulty gaskets, a higher engine temperature, or the wrong type of oil being used.

A jerky acceleration may be caused by problems with your car’s transmission, and it’s also a good idea to take this into a garage to get it diagnosed. There are also a number of reasons why a car may stall while driving , including problems with your spark plugs. It’s a good idea to get your car checked out to establish exactly what’s wrong. Increased fuel consumption, difficulty starting your car, and loss of power also indicate you might need to get your spark plugs checked.

Honda Insight Hybrid 2019 – 2021

The third generation of the Honda Insight Hybrid has far fewer reported problems. Drivers of the 2019 model have complained of some issues with the regenerative braking system.

Honda Insight 2020 wikimedia commons

Honda Insight 2020

Drivers have written positive reviews of the 2020 and 2021 Insight.

Troubleshooting: If you notice any problems with your brakes, take your car to a mechanic right away. To read more about regenerative braking systems and warning signs, check out Grimmer’s guide.

Honda Insight Hybrid Problems Hamilton NZ

If you have questions about any aspect of your Honda Insight Hybrid, get in touch with the friendly, experienced and dedicated team at Grimmer’s Motors. We provide prompt and professional service and can repair or replace the Honda Insight hybrid battery.


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