What are the problems?

The Honda CR-V Hybrid is a new addition to Honda’s lineup. Although it has only been available since 2020, this SUV has impressed reviewers who praise its fuel efficiency. Drivers have only reported occasional problems – but as with all hybrids,  it’s important to keep an eye on the battery health of your car and get it serviced regularly.

Honda CR-V Hybrid 2020

Some drivers have described the acoustic warning system as noisy.

There have been isolated incidents with the vehicle accelerating when it is supposed to brake.  Drivers of petrol Honda CR-V models have also reported this issue. Unintended acceleration when you shift gears, disengage cruise control or apply the brakes may be caused by a stuck throttle in your vehicle. If you experience unintended acceleration when you brake it’s crucial to stay calm. Some of the recommended steps you can take are to keep a hard, consistent press on the brake pedal when you feel the acceleration, shift to neutral, and, when you feel like the car is under control, turn off the engine.

If acceleration and deceleration are generally unpredictable in your car the transmission may be playing a role. Other symptoms of transmission issues include shuddering at low speeds, and the engine making an unexpected rumbling or whining noise. Take a look at this article for further explanations of unintended acceleration.

Troubleshooting: Read on for some information from Grimmer Motors about your car’s throttle body and how to maintain it. If you do notice your car accelerating when you try to brake, it is important that you get this seen to as soon as possible. This issue can potentially be very dangerous.

If the car you have purchased comes with a noisy acoustic warning system, there may not be anything a mechanic can do to change this aspect of your car. However, if you notice your warning noise changing over time, it may be worth taking your car to a garage to get it checked out.

Honda CR-V Hybrid 2021 

Reviews of this model year have been very positive so far.

Battery care

Your hybrid battery should last about 10 years, but actual battery life will depend on how much use your car has.

Some tips for prolonging your Honda CR-V’s battery life are to bring your car in for annual servicing, and to keep your car under cover in winter months.

Honda CR-V Hybrid 2021

Honda CR-V Hybrid 2021

Signs your battery may need attention include:

  • Your charge suddenly changing
  • Warning lights coming on
  • Losing power when you try to accelerate
  • Your fuel economy is getting worse.

Grimmer Motors provides battery replacement and reconditioning services as well as battery system diagnostics for hybrid vehicles.

Honda CR-V Hybrid Problems Hamilton NZ

If you are experiencing any issues with your Honda CR-V Hybrid and want to get your vehicle checked over, or its battery tested, take it to Grimmer Motors today – for prompt, professional and reliable service.


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