Having trouble getting your engine to start? Have you ever felt like the car needs to have a few more tries before it actually runs? It is always bad timing; but why exactly is your car failing to run?


What does the engine actually do?

The engine is a key aspect of your car’s ability to run. This is the heart of your car, if the heart isn’t working, then there is a serious problem. What it does, is that it uses the heat from the burning gas and transforms it into the force that then allows your car to run. When there is a missing aspect in that equation, then the engine just won’t run.

A car struggling to run could be due to a bigger problem, make sure you always have your engine checked.


What causes a slow engine?

A few reasons why your car might be slow start could be because of bad wiring, bad battery, worn starter or charging system problems.


Bad wiring
There are two main wires at play here in order to start your car, when one of them is not working, then the engine just won’t run. This would require you to either replace them, or sometimes, they just need a good clean!


Bad battery
A weak battery would also stop the car from running, and this must be replaced. As your battery runs out, the car will also have trouble starting since there is less energy for the car to use. Getting a test done on your battery is a sure-fire way to know exactly what you are dealing with when you’ve got a slow to start engine, and to avoid other serious problems.


Worn Starter
We talked about how the car’s engine functions as an equation, but what happens when the starter is worn? Your car just won’t turn over. When the starter is worn down, there will be less power available to cause the engine to start in the first place. In this case, you will need a new starter.


Charging System Problems
Sometimes, it is not the battery’s fault that it is not charging, it can be due to a bad alternator or bad control electronics. This simply stops your battery from charging properly. It is important to also get this tested so you know exactly what you are dealing with. These all require their own solutions, so make sure you see a specialist as soon as you can! Another reason your car could be slow start can be due to cold weather, where  the engine simply needs warmth in order to run smoothly. In colder weather, the oil tends to thicken up, hence it takes a little bit more work for the engine to heat up, and then run.


Why is it important to fix a slow engine?

Although it might be easy to ignore the problem, and hope that you are not in a rush next time it is slow start, this problem could become more serious. Since the engine is the heart of the car, it could fail and hence the car would simply no longer work. It is important to solve what is causing the problem, since there are so many parts at play here.

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