What is an electric tailgate? 

Nowadays, it is most common for vehicles to have an electric tailgate rather than one that can be opened manually with a key. An electric tailgate is a system in the back of your car that allows you to open the rear by pressing a button on the car, your keyfob, or in even newer models, sensors that automatically trigger the door to open when it senses movement. 

The components in an electric tailgate are the tailgate lock actuator-motor and the tailgate lock solenoid. These are the main parts to know about when it comes to troubleshooting why your tailgate might not be opening or closing properly. 

What causes an electric tailgate to break? 

Car keyfob.

With electronic mechanisms, it can be harder to know what the issue is if you are not a professional. If after attempting to troubleshoot, you may need to seek repairs. Knowing what caused the tailgate to malfunction may help you to mend the issue. Some of the most common causes are: 

Broken motor: inside the electric tailgate, a motor runs that allow the door to be lifted without being lifted manually. 

Weak or dead battery: the battery needs to be charged in order to bring power to the parts in your electric tailgate. If it is dead or weak, there might not be enough power traveling through. See here for more information on dead car batteries

Issues with valves or coils: there may be less obvious issues with the inner mechanisms of the liftgate. Broken valves or power not properly traveling to coils are some of these mechanisms that can go amiss. These can be more difficult to understand, but you can see some of these other parts in this graphic of how electric liftgates work. 

There might also be some issues related specifically to the car boot not opening. See the link to get even more information on why this might be occurring. 

Why should you replace your electric tailgate? 

The main reason to replace your electric tailgate is the same reason you would want one in the first place: convenience! If the automatic function is not working properly, it can be a hassle to get things in and out of the boot of your car. Getting a repair will save you the annoyance of this issue. Additionally, it may be good to have a professional look at it especially if it is not be closing properly. This is because you will want to avoid driving with the liftgate ajar as it could create a potentially hazardous situation on the road. 

Electric tailgate replacement and adjustment in Hamilton

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