Reasons for Car Boot, not Opening

If your car boot does not open for either the key fob or manual unlock here are some of the common symptoms.

If your key fob is not working to unlock the boot some common problems are below:


Trunk Actuator

  1. Key Fob is dead – The key fob batteries are dead. If the batteries on the fob are flat then the boot will not open because the fob is giving the car any instructions.
  2. Boot does not open after clicking the Key Fob – If the distinct click when you press the button still sounds but the boot does not move then the car could have a problem with its actuator. An actuator has many components and one of which is the linkage system which if damaged or loose can result in the door not opening. If you an experiencing this problem checking with a trusted mechanic so they can diagnose and repair the problem.
  3. Release buttons not working – Another problem is that if you press the release button and the boot/trunk does not release then this can indicate a problem such as the wire is shorted or open circuit. Since there can be many causes for this problem then it is best to check with a trusted mechanic to get the problem sorted quickly.
  4. Manual unlock works fine – If the fob or unlock switch from inside the car doesn’t work but manual unlock works then this is a clear symptom that the actuator or electrical circuit wiring is broken. If this is the case then it is faster and more efficient to contact your local mechanic to diagnose and replace the necessary parts.

However, if you do not have a key fob and are trying to unlock the car manually or through the lever at the front of the car (often by the drivers right hand lower seat)  then your issue could be of the following:

Broken cable – A common problem with the boot not opening is that the cable that runs between the boot and the unlock lever is broken and doesn’t open the boot when it is pulled. This could have been caused by rust over time or water corroding the cable and the boot release cable needs to be replaced.
Broken latch – Another problem that could be causing your boot to be stuck down is that the latch is broken or miss adjusted and is not locking or releasing correctly with your key or boot release cable/lever. This could be a problem if the latch is either stuck down or not correctly shut.

*In an emergency it is often possible to put the rear car seats down and manually activate the boot/trunk release catch to open the boot.


Car Boot Problems in Hamilton

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